Minimum specs for glbasic app

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Quick question, what are the minimum/recommended specs to run a GLBasic app on Windows, Linux and Mac?

I want to add this info as I've moved both my games to these platforms (Inc Android), they work lovely on what I've tested, but (WinXPSP3, VistaSP2, Ubuntu, Snow Leopard), would like to advertise the hardware guff too! :)

The thing is, my hardware is what I would call decent, its me Mac, so, I havent a clue how low my apps could go!

Thanks in advance! :)


Kitty Hello

Depends on your app. You need an OpenGL capable gfaphics card. I would no longer support Windows 2k, because MS does no longer, too. But yes, GLBasic apps should run fine on NT4 and Win 95, even.