GLBasic for HTML5???

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any news regarding this awesome project?? does it work yet? please let us know how is it going!!!!!!


It appears people are generally unwilling to download a game/binary/exe from someone they don't know. Just incase... you know... in case that IT'S A TRAP!!!

People have asked, why I just don't make the games in flash.
To which I answer I hate flash action script.

Looking forward to the day GLBasic compiles to HTML5,
then more and more people will be willing to play my games.

Please tell me this update is around the corner.
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Awesome! GL Basic will compile in html5? They are very good news!!!!  :nw:



I am available to do some testing, I have some projects I did in HTML5 for the WebOS that I would like to translate to GLBasic.

What is the command set that you are translating GLB?
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On, but off topic, you should try PMC:-

Belter!!! :)



Yes, I have some (very) complex projects to test it with :)


Please let this project still be alive.
I've been tempted to learn raw HTML5 from scratch, but if I can still code in GLBasic, that would be amazing.
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That goes for me too, looking forward to this project!


I'm excited about compiling for HTML5 with GLBasic. What I'm less excited about is the current performance of HTML5 on most systems :blink: On the positive side, I'm sure its great for text based IF games.


HTML 5 performance isn't bad - as long as you have the latest browser...


After the LD I realized that this project is really really important. A must have.
How is going?  any news?
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Yes there are tons of news regarding GLBScript... but just wait until 11th may (that's the two years birthday of GLBScript). Then I'll make a big post in the english section!

I don't want to spoil too much but some highlights are: Working GOTO support, full filesystem API and much more :)

That's no Bug, that's my project!


Coolo, thanks in advance for this great Work!!!, only a question the 3D it´s supported?¿...

Coolo it´s cool  =D  :booze: :booze: :-* :nw:


Not yet... but maybe - I think - it will!
That's no Bug, that's my project!


Please make it happen! :D  :nw: