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Got both as a twin pack DVD (we haven't migrated beyond DVD yet and probably wont for some time).  =D  Hot Fuzz is good, but I honestly think that the older Shaun of the Dead is slightly slicker -- even if both are satires of different movie genres and you can't really compare the two.


Erm sorry majorly off-topic there.  Just shouldn't have mentioned two of my favourite films (although that's a rather large list).  :S

Ok a little more on-topic, does anyone else think that the mobile OS wars is getting a little out of hand, and maybe a bit ridiculous?  Everyone seems to be releasing their own OS and online store!  ;/

Ian Price:
I absolutely love "Shaun Of the Dead". I'm a horror (especially zombie) fan anyway, but it works so well - to this day I can't hear a Queen song and not think of the pub scene with the jukebox.

"Hot Fuzz" was very good too.

Check out Simon Pegg's other movies - "Run Fat Boy, Run" and "How To Lose Friends And Alienate People" - both are ace. Can't wait to see "Burke And Hare"

Spaced. You've got to watch every episode of this too if you want to see Pegg and Frost at their best.

i wait for the last part of the blood and ice cream trilogy. i hope with cornetto gag too :D

Kitty Hello:
Making an OS for everything is nothing really new. I don't mind. Making an AppStore for anything, however, is something I _do_ like. Especially smaller stores might be of real value for us hobbie programmers. I hope. We'll see.


i just want to let you know that i bought the  Wave II with an installed Bada 1.2 OS. 

So if i can test anything or try anything, just let me know.

The market doesnt have many apps so far, (about 500 games) so it would be good for us to get an available bada port fast :-)



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