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if anyone will help  please write me a PM.

phyton 2.7  on rpi   ,only a few lines for the help  :nw:
Bug Reports / v14 bugs ?
i install the last 14.00100  then i update glb to 14.40100

missing mfc140.dll , installing the dll but nothing runs.

any help?
zur ermittlung eines Gerätes im eigenen Netz hatte Gernot mal eine coole Methode gezeigt die per UDP broadcast dieses Problem löste.

ist das jetzt noch möglich ?
all the best in 2017 !
its mousewait . you need a mouse with autofire 😄
Iirc Android can replay mod files out of the box ?! ( Amiga songs).

iam right?

i want cookies !
i wish all Glbasic User a great XMas. 

i read the forum many times with my small phone.
please put the forum link in the description.
great 😀 !  i like the idea and will spread it around the world.
Esp8266 and/or Esp32 are really nice Devices. Booth are working  good if you try to connect it with a device which running glbasic programm with sockets tcp and udp.
Esp8266 can also run a Basic inside hisself , so its easy to use.
you can buildt an accesspoint with for ios and android .
Recommended for your hacks..

Hi , i have a nice idea for a new project .
for ios i have no idea if i can load a pic from the camerafolder .
or is it possible to get an image direct from the camera