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I've bunged this in the bug reports section, because obviously something is wrong (Tried it on two PC's now)

Basically, when setting the volume, say, at 0.5, which should be half, its barely audible.

More reading here:-

Which is roughly the same results I'm getting.

Mr Toad has mentioned that it uses DirectSound, which is horrible, wouldnt OpenAL be a lot better, with the added bonus of using the OGG format and potential for streaming music without having to worry about licenses!


Never tested, but thats roughly what I'm getting... Basically, when its set at 0.5, its barely audible, and I mean volume is right up and I can just make it out... Though, it does work as expected on my iPlod, which is good enough for the moment.

But, it is a bit of a knacker since 99% of the dev is on bootcamp, and to test I have to log out of bootcamp, go into OSX, copy and paste the xCode project, build that, go back into bootcamp,  tinker with the value... Rinse repeat*!  :S



*Fixed... Needed to add a drive letter to the sodding shared folders in order for that libsomething.a to be outputted... NICE!!!!
Looks like its a Windows thing!!!

Maybe Kitty should move the windows driver to OpenAL... That works, and OGG format is pretty good!

Very technical information there Mr Toad... Thanks for that! ;) Hehehe

Nah, doesnt matter if its stereo or not, same result, as in, its not working as expected, and as such, doesnt matter what it uses, if 0.5 is half, but its playing at 0.1, theres something amiss, simple as as simple is!

Only thing I have to see is how it runs on iOS, I havent tried it for a while on their due to the missing lib file when building through VM, may as well have a pop!

Converted the track to stereo... No difference!

Do you have Windows volume up to maximum ?  If not, then put it to maximum and try again.

First thing I tried!

The volume is a percentage of the global volume value (at least on Windows).  Also is it a stereo sample ?

All my effects are normalized mono samples, they are only little effects!

Do they need to be stereo, and if you dont mind, whats the difference in terms of playing them through GLBasic, when it works fine via BlitzMax? (I'd just like to know really)

No idea but i have only been using this software for less than a week and i think it's ridiculous that the fact its Version 8.203 wtf or whatever and it still has more bugs than a dog shit in the height of summer in it.

Dont sit on the fence there, let us know what you really think! :D

Seriously, there really is something up because I've tried it with PlayMusic and it works as expected when you set MusicVolume with 0.5

When I use playsound with a volume of 1.0, its fine... Though, when I set it to 0.5, its barely audible, though, if I do the same with, say BlitzMax, setting the channel volume at 0.5:-

Code (glbasic) Select

sound = LoadSound ("path/sound.wav")
SetChannelVolume channel,0.5
ResumeChannel channel
Until ChannelPlaying(channel) = False

it produces a sound that does indeed sound half the volume on the auld ears, whereas in GLBasic, its nothing more then a whisper!?!

Code (glbasic) Select

GLOBAL soundVol# = 0.5

Any idea's?


Yup, that was it! Here we go

Never in the history of me walking this planet have I wanted a cuddle a cat so much! :D

Biggest advice from me would be to learn how to use Photoshop alongside learning GLBasic...

Because its obviously game dev related, you'll save a fortune doing graphical work yourself, granted, you may need an artist for a few things... But, generally, being able to at least draw odds and ends will go a long way!


Could GLBasic use this to allow for Android support?

Be bloody great if it did, would save me converting my game to Java!  =D

Thanks fella's!!! :D

I dropped into bootcamp and built the project from there, then took a peek inside the Lib folder and sure enough, there it was!!!

Which isnt ideal really, because I was running the editor through VM, in the hope it will miss all the booting in and out from one OS to the other!

Hopefully it'll get fixed up, because doing that will knark the life out of me! :D

Hello! :)

I've wrote a game in GLBasic, built it using Build-Multiplatform/Iphone then opened up the xCode project... Though, when I try to run it (After clearing out a couple of errors), I've found that the lib:-


Does not exist in its supposed path /Users/michaeldenathorn/Desktop/XCode/GLBasic/Lib/libPROGRAM.a

(With libPROGRAM.a being highlighted red in the xCode thingy)

I've looked on the forum already and cannot see anything that states whats going on, so I apologize if this has been answered before, anyone help?


lol, my first post! :)

Merry Christmas!  =D

I hope old Santa brings you everything you asked for

My GLBasic license... Hehehe, still, I'm playing with the demo, so its no bother!  ;)