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I started flicking through my Amstrad CPC manual when I was 9, made my first game when I was 10, simple little maze came, that used ink testing for collisions (TEST or TESTR, cannot remember now), continued using that method, along with creating graphics using SYMBOL, from there, started using Sean McManus's sprite tools as well as mixing machine code with Locomotive BASIC...

All gleaned from Amstrad Action, and the benefit of running my own PD library! :D

Glory years IMO! :)

Cor!!! :D

Just so people know, Qubey has wrote a post mortem on the game here:-,209.msg5430.html

Top stuff! :)

You havent say, left debug on in xCode have you?

I noticed my new game was a bit jiddery (I aim for 30FPS on mobiles), worked great on other devices, so, couldnt understand why the iOS version was acting up, though and behold, flicking from debug to release in xCode made it run as smooth as silk.

Just an idea.

Know what it is.... I looked and ruddy looked for bit shifting commands in the docs... Bugger! :D

Generally, I use array checking for collisions, so, if the ball is at ballX and ballY, I do something like this (Blitz p-code as it uses bit shifting commands Shl and Shr, in GLBasic, you can do the same in INLINE blocks using << or >>):-

Local bx:Int = ballX Shr 5              'If the tiles are 32x32, also, we'll assume the handle to the ball is at the centre
Local by:Int = ballY Shr 5              'Also, this assumes the tilemap is located top left of the screen, with no offsets.

Check centre of the ball, which, you wont really do, but, as an example I'll do something like (Note: No boundary checking either):-

If tileMap[bx,by] = WALL_TILE
' Do something

Now, what I do, is change that to cover points on the outside edge of the ball, say, 8 points, then, do something like:-

If tileMap[((ballX-15) Shr 5),ballY Shr 5] = WALL_TILE    <------ Check left edge of ball
If tileMap[((ballX+15) Shr 5),ballY Shr 5] = WALL_TILE    <------ Check right edge of ball
If tileMap[ballX Shr 5,((ballY-15) Shr 5)] = WALL_TILE    <------ Check top edge of ball
If tileMap[ballX-15 Shr 5),((ballY+15) Shr 5)] = WALL_TILE    <------ Check bottom edge of ball

You can then use SlyDogs flag way to handle which points are to be used to check collisions, because obviously, if your going left, there's no need to check anything on the right, and vice versa.

People tend to take the water that I use bitshifting, and they try to ram that modern computers can cope to multiplication and division, as in X * 32 or X / 32, but, I've used bitshifting since 8bit, its never failed me, its a cheap optimization that doesn't do any harm, and as such, the above is the exact same way I built my Croco remake here:-

Hope that helps! :)

What is it for the Caanoo

Code (glbasic) Select


Sorry! :D

*Dabz gets his coat*

Off Topic / Re: eBay fraud
This "sorta" happened to me only a few weeks ago... Not exactly, but related I think.

Basically, I love a game of golf, now, I'm not the best, float around the 100 mark give or take a few, anyway, because I'm not that good, occasionally, the ball just goes where it wants, be it in a pond, in a bit of rough, or out of the course completely... So, I do buy quite a few golf balls... But, I don't like the cheap and nasty ones, so, one day I was looking at the yellow paper (local ad paper), and spotted an advert for 30 titleist pro balls for £15, I thought "Oh, that sounds just the job"

So I rung the number and a bloke answered, I said I was interested in the golf balls he was advertising, and he replied "Yeah, about that, I havent actually got them, but, I'm walking around Grange Villa now [a local course], is there any chance I can ring you back when I find them?"

I just hung up!

Congrats there Kitty! :)

Right, I'll have a pint of Carling if your getting the round in! ;)

Just saw this in the App Store thread.... This looks great, and a brilliant idea! :)

Top job!

Wow, nice update... Good work Kitty! :D

Defo something gone well boobs up!?!

When you build for iOS, there's defo no error message regarding the libProgram.a, because when I hit the issue through VM, it 'built' the iOS project fine, but, in the output pane, I happened to scroll up and there it was, something like "Could not output libProgram.a"

You've probably checked, and I know you've mentioned it, I'm just mentioning it that's all because thats how I missed it as I thought all was well too.

If there's nothing in the output pane... At all, then... I dunno!?!

EDIT: You are trying to run this on an actual device, as GLBasic apps dont graft in the simulator.

If your using the IDE through a Win VM, you need to make sure you map your shared folders to a drive letter, then open your GLBasic project through that... Otherwise, the libProgram.a file will not be created in the outputted xCode project folder.

If your using a full and unVM'd install of Windows, then, erm, dunno?

Now how does that explain the why there's no colour on the emulator

As far as I know, anything the emulator spits out shouldnt be taken as gospel, also, GLBasic isnt the only software I've used for Android that goes a little wobbly in the emulator, Libgdx suffers from quiffiness too, but, as far as I can see, both work fine (Within reason for GLBasic as its in beta) on an actual device.

Ah, these look familiar, the last time I saw these was in The Bloobles? :)

Great work, and very generous of you for releasing them! :)

At least with the emulator I will be able to try it on without having to pay for the device and an app-dev account first...

Unlike iOS, you only need to buy a dev license ($25) when you want to upload your app to the market place, Google doesnt stop you from running your app on a device like Apple does, as well as you dont even need to be on the market place, you can distribute your app how you like.

Though, there are a couple of warnings with Android dev...

Its prone to piracy, one coder I know who wrote a live wallpaper and was selling it for $1 (59p) ended up having his work dumped on the pirate pages... Which was a shame!

Another is Android users are prone to the auld "Buy it... Play it... Refund it" syndrome, not exactly sure if Google knocked that head, but where Apples policy is one refund I think, the last time I checked, Google allowed users to have unlimited refunds.