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Up, down, left, right and (not space  :rant:) ctrl right for jump.

0.1 test version.

0.5 version, I hope that pleases you... this engine is based on my old engine and OB3D.
If you are interested, I will explain to you later.

Ian Price

Seems to work well, but seeing as my laptop doesn't have a Right CTRL, I can't jump! :P
I came. I saw. I played.


Neat! All working fine here.


Quote from: Ian Price on 2019-Aug-09
Seems to work well, but seeing as my laptop doesn't have a Right CTRL, I can't jump! :P
Damn ! I still have to work on that :P

Erico, first of all thank you for your support  :good:  I hesitate between a fantasy style demo or rather a WW2 style.
I would like your opinion before continuing.


The current hero looks quite nice.
WW2 or WW1 dogfight, for example, could be easier on the code side since things are flying.

I guess it would really depend on the game type.
The current hero could fit a RYGAR arcade kind of game,mostly side scrolling bashing stuff.
WW1 could be a remake of wings from the atari lynx where one could even split screen in 4.

What is your intended gameplay?

edit: ww1 game´s name is Warbirds. I confuse it with amiga Wings as they are a bit similar on the dogfight part.


Although it is actually easier to code, I don't really intend to do a flight demo, but a more general demo.

For WW2, my idea would be a WW2 Doom but with the ability to switch between first-person view and third-person view.
For Fantasy, your idea of Rygar is a very good idea, but I'm having a big problem with 3D graphics :( Especially for monsters.

I think I'll start with a WW2 style and if it doesn't work, I'll come back to the idea of ​​Fantasy in the Rygar style (because it's true that the current hero could be in a game of this style).
I will try to make a 0.2 test version in WW2 style for this weekend ... with (yet) another key for the jump Ian :)

Thanks all.

Note : My dream would be to build a Refractor 1 style engine, so your idea Erico of ​​flying is not too far from mine, because in RE1, players can use cars, trucks, tanks and ... planes ;)
Unfortunately for this dream, the 3D rendering functions of GLB will no longer be sufficient and I should code mine (and the code will probably not be 100% portable :().


Android arts should be a good reference. Can´t find the main page but an img these days, here it goes, there should be more.


I will take a look at it. Thanks.


Just tested, works well, really nice work here Snoopy. Very interested how this turns out!  :good:


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I didn't work as planned, but I will start again soon.
Thank you for your support :)


I'm sorry, I edited my main topic, but I didn't send a message to say that I updated it.

It's done  ;)


truly remarkable and fluid animation. On my PC 500 fps. :good:
One question: What is the advantage of the .b3d format?
and are you using a particular wrapper or is it customized?


Thks Qedo!

The advantage of the .b3d format is that the objects are animated by skeleton unlike the .ddd format which is animated by vertex.
This allows for much smaller files and greater interaction with a physics engine.

A long time ago, I used the old Bigsofty's wrapper and I had several bugs (but it was not only because of the wrapper but also because of OpenB3D version which was in beta version), and as Bigsofty decided to abandon it (due to a problem of porting on mobiles), I decided too abandon it.

But a few weeks ago (during the development of my demo) I decided to rewrite it entirely by coupling it with my old engine  :) 
Even if I think to switch completely to OpenB3D because its entity system is really very interesting (I would only keep the AI ​​of my old engine), especially since I haven't encountered any bugs.

-- EDIT ---
I forgot to point out that the other advantage of using this engine is that there is not the famous shadow/camera problem of the GLB 3D engine and that we can do a light mapping.
This is very important for 3D developers.

Another point, this wrapper is not in competition with the Schranz0r's wrapper of Raylib because OB3D is not for mobiles (even if it has an HTML5 port that I have not yet tested).


Hi, 3D in the Raylib-Wrapper is not even started.
The Core is complete in now, yesterday is started the "Shapes-Module" :)
I <3 DGArray's :D

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OK thanks.
what are the problems that do not make OB3D compatible with the mobiles world?