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Thanks guys!!

this is how it should look though. working correctly
thats to do with the font files then.

make sure the

and there sould be 2x font files. i did attach it in previous posts. it happens alot when i test programs on other computers.

sometimes the settransparency wont work properly( it might be me as stated  =D)
@ dreamerman

can you elaborate about the fonts please? anything to improve will do wonders
thanks dreamerman!
sorry, you are correct. THANK YOU!!!!!!
i must have miss looked that in frustration. you just saved me a LOT of brain itching.

this is a POS that im doing for my business out of a mix between hobby and necessity. the GUI is because i just like doing it and dont understand the stuff available. 10 years ago i made a similar program only simpler( it works flawlessly and still in use), but now i need a better one with more features. previous on has barcode printing, accounts, till slip printing and selling screen(point of sale). this one will have financial data, stock data, business data labour costing... etc. basically a proper point of sal program thats going to be fully free and up there with the best of them.
=D it all started with a what if, and is nearing completion now. i will definitely put it out for all to use, was my intention all along, cuz i`ve read reviews and  stuff and glb needs a proper GUI to be growing some more

thanks Quentin for your help!
i hope its compressed correctly.

usually what i do is print all values to screen and figure out where the problem lies, but this time its with the instr not working as far as I can tell. have been struggling with this issue now the past week or so
mmmmmmmm  not reaaaaally sure how to use the debug. sorry. i have done 100s of glb projects (usually gui`s started from scratch), but never actually used all the available stuff in glb. dead serious now
how can i give you a working example? i literally joined this morning, so i have no idea how to give a working example. :nw:
i tried getting as much as possible info to show the problem. please ask if something is not clear enough. it helps finally asking someone in the know for assistance. i am the only person doing programming between my friends and fam. :(
Thank you Quentin. Will do
Where I made the function in the Ttable type to search the array it works when I search by department but not the rest. I am not currently at the computer to reply with the exact location of my function, but will do later in the afternoon when I get home. You are more than welcome to download everything have a look, even improve and use. I need the program done by end of January,  but got stuck with my search function.

I made an spreadsheet array that accepts the searched array values, but only the one gets searched everytime. In the point of sale you need to be able to search the stock array to get a grouping by category. The same search function works great when i used it on the spreadsheet page to calculate stock prices etc, but it just dont want to work when I use it in this one instance.

I hope i explained good enough... as i said, i get home later and can go through it in more details.

this following file needs to be called :   nicha_settings.ini
media files .ini  and .txt in project folder like normal created glb project. there should be no problems in loading and compiling.

my question is around the native instr function. if theres anyone that is willing to help me, It will be greatly appreciated! i have hit a mind block because of a instr function.
just one more to go  :giveup:
just a little more to follow then done :nw:
a few more to follow for project nicha.