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Online Highscores (Showroom)


Kitty Hello:
OK, I've included encryption for the online highscores. Attached is a library for simple highscore handling.

If you plan to use encryption, please contact me to change your password before you submit, to avoid old passwords still being able to hack the scores.
That means - the old method would still work if you have the password!!! Keep it safe and/or store it encrypted in the program executable.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Will do!

Ian Price:
Due to encryption, would we need to declare this lib when submitting apps for WebOs, iThing or Android etc?

Kitty Hello:
No. It's legal to encrypt codes to ensure data transmission for highscores. It's only if you store data on the device - that must be checked.

Ian Price:
Cool. Thanks Gernot.


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