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Binary Madness (almost finished Beta Version)

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It´s 5:36 in the morning and finally I managed it to upload a almost finished version of at least one of all the games i started to work on recently...

It´s a binary puzzle game also known as Binario, Tazuko or Binary Sudoku.
The game is almost finished, just have to polish it a bit, maybe add some different styles and probably add a 12x12 grid later.

Would be great if you could have a look. I compiled it for HTML5, so you can play it in Browser on Itch.Io. No Download needed.

Thanks for your Attention  :booze:

Nice one!

A few notes/ideas:

1. Please tell me when I failed after filling the whole board with the wrong input :-)

2. Would be nice with a way of clearing the value again for the thinking process.

3. A different color for temporary memory help.

4. Left mouse button for 1, right button for 0 or clear the field?

Kitty Hello:
the rules say, two 1s next to another are not allowed, but it starts with a white 1-1? I don't get it, but hey, it plays great. can you write, how you put this on

hey, thank you both for your feedback.

@ Moru: Thank you very much for testing. I will add some of the features you have mentioned in the next version. Unfortunately the right mouse button does not work in browser, so I have to think about another solution. Clearing the field and showing errors would be indeed nice to have here.

@ Kitty: The rules say: not MORE than 2 ones or seros immediately next or below! You can have 2, but never 3!

At first I needed to learn how to write this in order that it works later in browser. When it works in browser, I just rename the html in index.html, zip everything and upload it on Here I have some settings for playing it in browser direktly. Thats it.

Great little puzzler, not a concept Ive seen before.

I agree with what the the other have said, a little more feedback when things are not going your way would be nice.

Other than that, some number animations and possibly some particle FX be the cherry on the cake.

Otherwise very well done Svenart!  :good:


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