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[not a glbasic bug] starts twice in the newest SDK?

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Hi im is back again and we have a strange issue we needs too at as im not sure what happens?

Currectly glbasic compiles, run, compile, run twice (and closing the previous app). Im have newer seen this bug before.

Steam 16,947? sorry but bugs never seen

its wierd, im guess some how related to steam launch, even im uninstalled the game. Its happens in 2020 version as well (which has newer been happens). So currectly im have no idea yet. The second time with steam overlay.

Is this issue appearing in every project or only on selected - like your games that are using Steamworks for something? I didn't encountered this on my pc. Are you sure that GLB compiles project two times?
One thing that first appeared in my mind is either anti-virus software or some smart screen filter in Windows, because normally (specially due to heuristic) they can cause issues during compilation or running newly created app with 'unknown' tool. So normally I add GLB/project path to exceptions in such software.
One workaround can be to use GLB editor that's free of Steam overlay - navigate to GLB path and launch 'EditorE.exe'.

today im noticed its actuelly a intefering with a antivirus. etc more precision avg cybercapture, which did only shows when you move it.... wierd as im allways have used it long time.

So not a real editor bug, just annoying intefere and no way to check it really, so im make it not a glbasic bug.


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