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GLBasic Version 16.793 (Steam) does not load the jpg file and some png (confirm)

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I did further tests and it is not the size of the images that cause the program to crash because I loaded even bigger png without problem.
Only the attached image (designed by me )  crash the program . I don't understand why with normal graphics programs (GIMP) I display it correctly.
You can check?
Thank you

There was a jpg issue in Greedy Mouse as well as a jpg indeeded did crash as well in one of the newer update, but here its was just a very small floor image that caused the crash. im ended here to just convert the to png and then its worked again, its was no big deal for me.

So im will confirm the issue as there is some jpg issues here. A issue im do cant fix here, up to Gernot.

Anyway im got you possible to revert to the lastet 2020 version on steam until then or convert them to png. Size is no biggie today at all.

spacefractal thank you
In my case the problem is on the png file (which I have attached) and not on an ipg, and then the program I am writing must allow in real time to be able to load either jpg or png indifferently and therefore I cannot previously do any type of conversion.

Ad maiora

Sorry maybe I added confusion with the last post.
To clarify the problems I encountered are two and the situation is the following:
1) vers. 16,793 (currently the latest steam version)
      It does not load all the Jpg files and some Png files
2) vers. 16,720
      Do not load the attached nihli.jpg file (and maybe someone else )

Thank you

Ad maiora

this is odd. Its seens its a color either the jpg or png format does not like under decompress or under copying, while its does load the same image pretty fine from the bmp format.

So its not a size or memory issue for sure (as its should fails on the bmp file).

Im is not sure what its happens, but must been some how a decompress error or a round error. im not sure. But im confirm.

Here is the project im tested it with and its failed on both the 2020 and the newest version, so its not a issue created recently:

PS. Im on purpose cropped it a bit for testing. If im blankout the size with one color, its load fine, so its not a size issue.

PPS. Also on some machines textures over 2k might crash on some devices, but not the case here.


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