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--- Quote from: spacefractal on 2017-Aug-04 ---...
PS. For Me steam has been the best platform for me hand have outsold much more than iOS and Android versions (They mostly like Genius Greedy Mouse).

--- End quote ---

It does not surprise me, it is an excellent game and the art style alone is a must!
Yep, GLB on Steam could be an extra option to push.

Ian, did this version fix your adventure problems?

Ian Price:
I've not had time to try it tbh.

Donated, couple of days back. I did(seems to have been erased) post about suggesting getting GLB on Steam, which would almost certainly spawn some extra sales IMHO.

Tthat post for busted on the hacker attack. Yes I'm talk with her to. But I'm won't do that alone, since It's not my own language so I'm will respect gernot.

Kitty Hello:

--- Quote from: dreamerman on 2017-Aug-10 ---...after pausing it show error "Out of memory" and doesn't show any variable info...

--- End quote ---

Try menu Project/Options. Here set the size of debug arrays to .. 10? Does it help?


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