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It's goint off topic niow, but good to see you around. I finally got my forum password on my phone, so I can check more often...
BTW, Erico, everything fine in Brazil? I hired someone on fiverr, recently. Very talented people there. Maybe that's something for you, too?

You can use mine with a beard on it.  :puke:

Or togle the debug button twice. That clears tge cache, too.

You want that picture in glbasic? Try netgetweb (is it called that?) and print what you get. I guess it returns html code. See where ghe img tag points to and try netgetweb on that address again. It should be a jpeg.    Or, its a video. On windows, download ffmpeg and grab one frame to extract a jpg, then.

The CMake build (WIP) should give you a solution you can compile in XCode.
I don't want to support Apple any further, because it's been a PITA. You write code, works, then Apple updates anything and you have an hour of extra work JUST TO GET A WORKING APP running again. I'm done.

Lade Dir einen FFMpeg build herunter. Leg das ffplay.exe zu Deinem Programm dazu und dann:
ffplay "name-of-video.ext"

Das macht Vollbild.
Starte es mit SHELLEXECUTE.

Puh. AS macht hauptsächlich space_fractal. Schreib mal auf englisch.

GLBasic - en / Re: Save a TYPE array object
« on: 2022-May-05 »
The information is there. See the gpc_temp.h file. Each type has a dbg() function. In what format would you want to store the data? Consider you also have arrays.

GLBasic - en / Re: True Type Fonts
« on: 2022-Jan-24 »
I see. The standalone TTF library might be able to render unicode characters.

Off Topic / Re: Merry Christmas!
« on: 2022-Jan-04 »
And happy new year to all of you.

Code Snippets / Re: Load data from memory
« on: 2021-Dec-04 »
Unfortunately, PLAYMUSIC is a bit different. You might have to extract that file to the tmp directory. :(

Announcements / Re: Book
« on: 2021-Nov-25 »
Got me a copy as a friend's christmas present.  :good:

FAQ / Re: Missing Forums Attachments
« on: 2021-Nov-24 »
Done :)

Added to the github repository.

I attached the original project in the first post. Sorry, I didn't see it was deleted.

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