LD 48h game programming competition - WIN Android Tablet!

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should everything go fine, I will try to design code and gfx all ahead.
I suck on code, but my gfx is somehow avarege, so I can afford to make the in advace.
Sfxr can help us, but on music front, we have a couple good music generators to help out uh?
musicians needed! :sick:

I will try to come up with all gfx first and then stick to the code, as that is what is going to be harder for me. :)
Hope to learn a lot, so far it seems I will be able to participate.


Aviary is good for quick music creation that sounds decent. Create an account and test it before you commit. Should be easy though.


yeah, posted their tools an year ago, no one seemed interested... :( --but Quentin

we should also check cgmusic here:

edit: couple years I mean hehe


I think I will design my game idea and logic on friday on paper / notepad and do some basic coding.
On saturday I will code the theory, test it, create all the other stuff (graphics with gimp, sound with flstudio / reaper) and in the night I will meet some friends to chill and forget the "code soup".
And on sunday I will create the missing stuff i have not done on saturday.  :good:

We will see if it will work.  :good:

Have fun and good luck everybody! :)

P.S. Where do we have to upload our game links in the glbasic forum on sunday? In this thread?


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Kitty Hello

It starts Saturday, 2am here. I have a meeting on Saturday, so it's pretty stupid. I might join the Jam, but I have to work on monday. So, I think my plan is:
Sat early morning: think of a theme, start prototyping.
Sat evening: code-monkey
Sunday evening: finish stuff to make it playable, make levels if required.
Either submit, or, Work on Monday evening on tiny stuff.

.. I don't think I have a real chance to bring a proper game, as it might sum up to <12h of coding time for me :(
I hope to be around for support, though.


I've never seriously considered taking part in these competitions, but although it's tempting to try, I've already made plans on both saturday and sunday evenings this week (and of course there's work on monday) so I don't think it'll work out this time.
However, I didn't know that LD was taking place 3 times a year (which explains why it seems to be so "often"), so perhaps I can plan to set time aside for one of the upcoming contests.
...besides, I really should work on some of my WIP's instead. ;)
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Kitty Hello


Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2012-Apr-20

If this doesn't make you wanna join, what is?

Keynote with interactive games.... XDDDDDDD

Now time-13 h. for final theme....

If I have time, as I dare ...  :whistle:
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Two and a half hours to go and I'm a nervous wreck. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do. Obviously the final theme isn't decided yet but even still, I feel like whatever it is I'm going to panic and not be able to come up with any ideas! Gah!

So, how is everyone doing? I hope no one minds if I spam the thread with progress reports. I'd rather do it here than my blog or the ludum dare blog because 1) No one ever goes to my blog. Not even me. 2) Too many people will be posting to the ludum dare blog.

Guess I'd better get prepared. To do list: clean workspace, get snacks and green tea, organise music play list, set up desktop image capturing, cook a quick dinner and open a new GLBasic project ready to begin.



Theme is Tiny World!


Go, go, go...



Making progress. Wrote a routine to load sprite sheets from Texture Atlas and now I can nearly display my first sprite!!!


Summary thus far is below after 3 hours. Taking a long break to think and see how others are doing / give encouragement.

Ludum Dare #23

Theme: Tiny World!!!

OK, some thinking...

interruptions already!

No idea what to do...
Will eat while I think...
Need some basic code to get started
everyone needs sprites after all!

Screen resizing is working
need it because I want the app to work on different devices like Android, as well as MacOS, Windows

Going to need something to load sprites from Texture Packer
I don't want to mess around creating texture atlas screens from scratch

Just got a quick loader for Texture Packer working
Now I have to write a quick sprite routine for using the sprite sheets it creates

So while I've been writing code to load a sprite, Gernot, the creator of GLBasic already as a 3D sphere made of polygons up and running. :O

Got basic sprite displaying, resizing and hotpoint positioning going. Now I need to add rotation :/

Disturbing housemates with loud music. Earphones engaged. Contemplating wine.

Rotation appears to be working. Hopefully it syncs with scaling properly. Not even sure I will need all that yet, since I have no idea what kind of game I'm going to make. Still, this is a start.

Contemplating wine a bit more. Need a breather.

Wine engaged.


Finally got an idea. Its a bit crazy. I've been playing with this a lot http://htwins.net/scale2/ and it made me wonder, what if instead of zooming into a human and seeing the individual cells then molecules then atoms you zoomed into a pixel and found that it was not made of the tri-colour screen elements we expect, but something completely different!

Before cells were discovered people had no idea that we were made of vast numbers of little living cells. It was a mind blowing discovery. Well, I hope to repeat that kind of discovery, in taking a closer look at the biology of a pixel. What kind of bizarre and amazing thing would you find?