Screen capture?

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yep, that is the other use for virtual dub.

In case you wanna capture in it, go into the capture menu and choose desktop or window.
After you have you huge file,
try XviD for videocodec and mp3 for audio.

Xvid can easily cut a couple zeros from your original video and with same speed/resolution.
Tweek its configurations.


Yes Ian, well I forgot to say... I use a free and very easy, and well hyper faster codec video coverter...

It´s called Koyote, you cand find here

I think it´s a spnish soft... it´s very faster...

Another thing, but I don´t use, well I don´t fint yet... it´s use some codec converter using GPU of your graphics card, for Nvidia I stay sure, in some place have to be... for ATI, I´m not sure, but I suppose it´s too...  Using GPU a video can be 60% more faster than CPU...

Well I found in quick search this... sorry i don´t read nothing...