Red Wizard Island

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Quote from: r0ber7 on 2013-Jun-01
Yes. Expect to see many more new levels some day.

Here are links to download:

Linux version
Mac OSX version
Windows version

WASD to move, number keys select spells, left mouse click casts. Only spells 1 & 2 work correctly. Shop system is not balanced. Many bugs inside, some of them are game-crashers. Still, enjoy. ;)

:good: Hi @r0ber7, thanks for sharing!

I think you are making a very good tittle... ;D - Desarrollo videojuegos Indie · Pixel-Art · Retroinformática · Electrónica Development Indie Videogames · Pixel-Art · Retrocomputing · Electronic



I just downloaded last avaliable win.rar version at Google Docs... (

On my Windows7-64 bit with integrated video card AMD Radeon HD 6450 I found some video "bugs":

1- Options show Fullscreen NO, but it's starts at FULL screen... change don't work correctly.
2- The resolutions don't work correctly... 1280x800 are initial set. If I try to make any change the app "freezes" with black screen.

(I try to make snapshot without succes :()

And... check for speed timming... the text scroll at main menu are VERY VERY VERY fast on my computer.

I hope this comments can help you...

And continue working on this title, the gameplay, grfx, etc are VERY VERY AMAZING!

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Tried the mac version. Doesn't start at all. I see the glb icon in the dock for 1 second then it is gone.


Hey you guys,

Thanks for the feedback! I warned you it was buggy. ;)

@ Hark0, yep, I know. :P Thanks for the compliments.
@vmonono, I will look into that...

I'm finishing off a project for a client, so I have some more time now to work on this again in the upcoming week. I'll be continuing progress on the physics engine first.

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Been some time. Started work on the physics engine yesterday. The controls will have to be adjusted to it, and also all enemies, powerups, and critters. The camera needs work too. Also.

Two new guys:


Nice the project Continue, but you realease another final version some months ago, isn't?¿.

Really I hope you finish the game whit the idea when you beggin the project, but don't leave whitout finish, if you don't have time now, perhaps the next year you have more time and can fininsh correcty... was a huge work for don't finish ok, this wil be a suicide.

Continue please. :nw: :nw:


Quote from: mentalthink on 2013-Aug-09
Continue please. :nw: :nw:

The one I released wasn't final. It was just to share what I'd done up until then (and it was quite broken too but meh). I'm still working on this, and will finish it.


Alright. I cancelled plans for a complete physics engine. I could do it, but it would take too much time. It was fun experimenting with vector calculation though, I learned a lot.

- Updated level editor
- Doing level design
- Removed many bugs
- Added enemies


WOWOW!!! :nw: :nw: :nw: I love the Editor, it's really really Usefull, but the Editor it's new or you did when you start the project, never you show to us... Really cool!!! Another thing in the editro you can test, or only can design the Levels... I say, because can try in the editor I think can save a lot of time, between make the Level, test in real game, and modify it's necessary...

In my Editor, really it's the game plus the Editor...

I loved the User interface.. very dark like practically all the commercial soft now.

About the Sprite it's really nice, but how many enemies you have in your game, I think a very big number , in 3D I think it's more easy when you know for frames, but pixel art, really it's a hard job...

All I see really really impactant and very cool!!!  :booze: :booze:


Thanks. I saw your level editor, and thought I'd post mine too. :)

It's a seperate program, so for testing I have to fire up the game as well. The number of enemies is growing, but not all enemies need new code. Sometimes I just re-use existing code with different values for jump-height, attack time, etc. Pixel art isn't that time consuming, it depends on how many frames per enemy I want. Some enemies have only a few frames, and most of that is copy-paste work with some slight adjustments. The big timesink of pixeling is adding details. For my next game I think I will do less detail, that takes up most of the time.


Boss 2 (graphics unfinished):

If I could make all parts of the boss rotate at the angle of the movement direciton it would look a lot cooler.  ;)


Very very cool!!! the demo working in the model it's simply Awesome... a doubt, the program you use for paint, it's done for you or it's something comercial or opensource?¿

I look the timelapse and it's really nice see the effetcs like depth or shinnes only changin a bit the colors, really I think it's a hard job, but the result it's really Cool...

I hope someday play to the ended Game, I think in this game for arrives to the ending will be a lot of time playing it , for now I look a lot fo stages, Continue it, please...  :nw: :nw:.


Great video! Bosses are the thing!
Good to see this project advancing and getting newer feats.

The ´kind of dpaint´ going on there is Grafx2, open and free and really cool
:offtopic: The build for the caanoo works amazingly great, the one for android is a bit tough on the side...bad, as it would be perfect on a note II.