5 button mouse ?

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how do i read the buttons on a 5 button mouse.. there only seems to be provision for checking the first 2


see at the example of MOUSEAXIS command in the help file. At least you can check three buttons and the mousewheel with it.


still doesn't help me use 5 mouse buttons :(


Unfortunately this version of SDL doesn't support mice with more than 2 buttons - the next version will (along with many other improvements).

Kitty Hello

There are just 3 buttons. The other buttons are handled by the driver. Assign a key press to them. I usually have esc and lctrl as 2 extra buttons. (razer death adder mouse)


my mouse actually has 8 buttons

after much scouring of the net it seems that most programming languages are using DIMOUSESTATE which only handles up to 4 buttons while if they used DIMOUSESTATE2 they's get the full 8..  now i'm a noob really when it comes to things but it makes sence to me to use DIMOUSESTATE2 by default as opposed to DIMOUSESTATE

or something similar ;)

Quote from: MrTAToad on 2010-Dec-12
Unfortunately this version of SDL doesn't support mice with more than 2 buttons - the next version will (along with many other improvements).

Thankyou ;) you've made my day... is it ready yet... lol


No, and there are also going to be licensing requirements for commerical programs too...

This is what the chappie said about it :

QuoteIt's at the point now where people can use it for a variety of games
and software.

It's still a while from being released officially, with a roadmap
available here:


Mr TaToad is your last reply in the right area.. if so..

huh... ???

so it isn't comming.. ???
and licence requirements for commercial programs ???

I thought when i bought the full version that i could write commecial games with it ???

I'm mainly looking at on the PC both windows and linux support.. (other devices as a bonus as i don't have any others)


Its coming alright - dont know how long it will be before its fully released though.

There will be a commerical license unfortunately which may been addition costs when GLBasic is updated to use it :)

You probably would only need the commercial license if you sell your programs.


I wonder how that would work for GLBasic? 
If it licenses the use of the 'SDL' libraries then would that mean all software created with GLBasic can use the SDL libraries commercially for free?
Or each game would need a separate license?
Then there's the issue of multiple platforms having different license types, like iPhone.
And, can you just code your app NOT to include the 'SDL' library?

I would love SDL on the windows platform if (or when, it's on their 'wish list' I think) it supported multiple mice with multiple pointers.
This would allow us to simulate multi-touch devices and test out our pinch / zoom / rotate gestures!
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I wouldn't know how the licensing would work for a programming language - that would be up to Gernot to sort out, although it could be lucrative for both GLBasic and SDL - perhaps a bit of free advertising for SDL and Gernot gets it cheap :)

As for multiple mice - perhaps you missed my ManyMouse code a while ago :)


I sure did miss it!  That's from way back in 2008/2009, before I even heard of GLBasic.
I'll be trying ManyMouse out tonight after work!
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I think it comes with the Windows DLL (and thus is only for Windows)...


Cameron:  Have you tried looking at WM_INPUT?  For Windows, since 2005, MS has recommended using only WM_INPUT for mouse and keyboard  instead of the deprecated direct input.