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Yes, IÃ,´m for it.   :)

The day will come...

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In the interests of fairness :-
* How do you stop people registering new accounts on the forum just to be able to vote in the poll and give themselves a better score? I doubt anyone would do anything like this, but after putting in so many days and hours of work on my game I want to know that the judging is fair.
* Can you also force people to vote for a first, second and third placing to make the scoring more fair?

From what I can see the poll options on the forum do not allow this sort of granularity with the polling. For that reason I'm going to revoke my earlier comment that I don't care and say instead that I wish the voting to stick with the rules that we accepted when we entered the competition (saying the winner would be judged and not go to a public poll). At least that way I know I either won or lost because of the quality of my game and not because of a bad voting mechanism. Also, it means anyone who loses can't complain that they lost as the rules changed after the competition (and therefore there will hopefully be no arguments!)

Kitty Hello

OK, I see. Yes, I'm doing the voting internally then. Sorry for trying to bend the rules ;)


 :) All good!
I just want to ensure it's fair, I hope no one holds that against me!


I agree with FutureCow. The judges is the right option, they can be 3 or more. Polling can be prone to errors with clone users or friends.