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Hello chaps,
new game ongoing, something I already had graphics done. I hope to be a quick project <1 month.
Since I broke my main hand last year, I haven´t been able to properly draw by hand or computer, but coding is fine, we just need 2 fingers! :S

Anyways, I plan to bring major updates to this thread.
It is a pc-win game that is to mimic the trs-80 color computer (coco I or II) capabilities.
In this case, the semigraphics 4 mode, a very weird one, but fun to deal with.

This is to be an "updated" version of an 1981 game called OUTHOUSE, first released for the trs-80 model I/II/III and later for the coco itself, but the least one in high resolution graphics.
Let´s see how it works out. I´m making it of here on this thread:

Here is the intro, title and game start going about:


looks Cool!
Is it based on HP Lovecraft mythology?
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Just a little bit, so to tide up a neat story/scene.
The original had some enemies that were more abstract, I changed those.
The crusher became chtchulhu, zappers became drones, anglers and rotors became bats and skylab debries.
Here is how the original looks like:


Never heard of the game but I like the retro atheistic. I like mono graphics too of the original, it would be nice to have this option in the remake?


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UFO movements, crash and outhouse destruction, 3 life, game over system.


actuelly im like it. look sometime im previous have due with "Catch Out", hehe. Here im diddent use any txt graphics at all throught unlike here.
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The text is within the capabilities of the machine. ;) Very hard to add to the lower graphic game play though, ate another virtual screen/buffer.

Ian Price

That retro styling looks awesome.

Not a game I'm at all familiar with, and it doesn't make a great deal of sense from the GIFs, but it's intriguing, nonetheless! :D
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 :D  It's probably the most retro game I've seen here... Nice work Erico!  :good:

This very retro graphic style is cool, but your usual graphic style (with your 2 hands) is really special too, so I hope your hand will get better.  ;)


I think the outer colour of the UFO maybe needs to contrast more - there seems to be a lot of black already...
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That is one the troubles with this mode.
Inside a charachter area there can only be 2 colors and one of them must be black. The black outline as it is permits me to move the object per pixel instead of per charachter. I'd still be stuck with black and single color and increasing the ufo size will clutter the game as there isen't much room already. :)


Ahh, I see, it's a limitation you're emulating. No probs!
Speccy-48k, Speccy-128k, Amigas, PCs


i like it  <3

and it comes out before dropzone from Archer Mc.Lean


Made the rays...


It was punk to align the rays... they can only happen on a block position , not within.

Sideway shots , since the ufo has 3 pixels height, is no trouble wherever is ca happen. It is always alligned with the color part of the ufo.

Up/down shots sucks. They come from the middle should the ufo be on a 3 blocks area but if he is on a two block area, the ray has to choose which side to be. The latest sideways move or shot dictates that.

Diagonal shots has lots of trouble :)

Anyways, working fine now and also implemented collisions of the ray. Ground, ufos and outhouse working fine. Needs to add some toilet paper particles to fly out of a shaken outhouse. Its shaking state also doing fine.