Burger Lord Released

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Hello chaps,
Burger Lord is finally released on Steam here:

I made a quick "making of" to help spread the word and posted on some places I like:

There will be an Itchio version soon too.

Here it is:


Congrats! Super stuff!!

Looks great!!
Adding to my wishlist will pick up very soon :)

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That first trailer has some glitches in between 2-3sec.
Did you consider translating game to other languages? If you have only few buttons / little text it should be fairly easy to do, and this may benefit. (there are some web resources with quite good translation for most Steam languages for basic stuff like 'new game', 'highscores' and os on)
PM with Polish translation ;]
And Good Luck!
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020


Ace! @dreamerman ! :good:
Just checked out, am thinking about it, it is something a bit new to me.


The glitch is on purpose. :D :D :D
I will look into the translation, thanks again!

I will probably do a better trailer today or tomorrow though.


I liked the glitch bit!
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Great stuff Erico, good luck with your release!  :good:


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Thanks guys, hopefully I can reach those intellivision 2 players eager to experiment a twisted burgertime version. ;)
But I still believe this could only work out (me living out of games) if I´d have some 10 games of a similar average quality.
I still think releasing android version could help out, but it seems we are stuck on the google side, probably later.
I still have the avocado game I´d like to release this month but I´m not sure steam is a good route for that game.


Currectly Android with glbasic is impossible today, sorry. Both Google and Apple have been annoying in the late and hence im lost interests. But there is also Amazon and other service to been checked out. Amazon still use Android 5.X and property newer update it, because its simple not required fo them at all. Its all the frontend they using and not the system behind it.

So checkout Amazon.

But anyway Steam is still a good platform, that is incude Avocade. Avocade is a great Time Killers" game. You should just to make sure you can play the game in both fullscreen and in windored mode, since many property might want to play this game in Windowered mode.

PS. Im have even the two small games, CatchOut and SpotRace on steam. Released extractly as a "Time Killers" game.
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Yep, I will probably try steam with it too.
Itchio is also a store I want to have it available. I could sell an android version there too.

I made the itchio burger page already, it is just not yet released there, probably next monday.

It is a very easy and well done store system to work with IMHO but probably not as pop as Steam, but if steam does not sell, I´d prefer to release it only on itchio while I build users.


its a shame about the android thing...Burger Lord would be a hit on Mobile for sure!

I mostly make from adverts - I just released a Centiplode sequel a few hours before the deadline! Milliplode so maybe that'll do well too
Centiplode passed 100,000 downloads on playstore and many more outside of playstore - (based on the ad revenue)

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I guess the avocado one would do better, I did compile the burger game for android and made adjustable touch controls.
Problem was it was running a bit slow on my galaxy note 2 and I would probably have to revise the drawing routines to figure out what was going on.
I did work though, but the touch controls were a bit of pain to play with.


you might want to contact otakumaker... they publish all my games. Im guess they would like

And its a shame Google ditched backward combatible and want to remove the thing we currectly was used. The vital punch was they even removed android.bat, which glbasic uses for compile to Android..... You cant do that anymore.

But there is still Amazon Appstore as well the samsung one.
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Kitty Hello

Very cool. Can I use part of your video for a GLBasic promotion video on steam?


Sure Shot Kitty, if you need the videos on its original format let me know.
I also have a few other games I did with GLB, here are the videos, use whatever you want.
If you need the original files or higher res, let me know. (and check your in-box, sent you a pm some days ago :D  )


edit: Also, can you share that video (maybe youtube unlisted) before submitting to Steam?
I´m pretty confident I can knock out a GLB logo signature or something like that to add up. ;)