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There is already a solution in the forum somewhere! It wasn´t as fast as Gernots, but usable.
I think DDgui is just perfect, if you need a slightly more complex GUI and you need it fast (for example an editor or a game like a RTS Game with many options). For the "small" games I usually see made with GLB, especially the mobile games, a custom GUI for a few options is not that hard to make. DDgui in the standard design, just doesn´t have the look and feel of a simple arcade game.
Last time I used it, GLB-pathfinding wasn´t capable of diagonal movement. That way the L-shape is the shortest path. And many others, if the array has no obstacles.
Die Unterkategorien bei "Feature request" haben leider nicht gepasst.....
Wie die Überschrift vermuten lässt wollte ich mal wissen, wie es um die Win Multitouch Features von GLB steht. Vor einiger Zeit hat sich Kitty mal dazu geäußert, dass es auf der Todo-Liste steht. Ich habe gerade einen Dell Touchscreen bekommen und spiele damit herum. Klappt ziemlich gut. GLB erkennt wie erwartet nur eine Toucheingabe auf einmal. Auf der Suche nach einer Lösung bin ich auf die BMAX Lib von Lobby gestoßen Vielleicht kann sich ja mal jemand mit mehr Ahnung von C und der Windows Api als ich, die Sache angucken, und eine Lösung außerhalb einer offiziellen GLBasic Implementierung finden. :nw: Abgesehen davon, wird Desktop Multitouch spätestens mit Win 8 und dem neuen iMac ein heiß begehrtes Feature sein. Ich "vote" dafür, dass es auf der goldenen ToDo Liste ein paar Plätze nach oben rutscht. :D
Sorry, was a false alarm. I did change something! Eveything works fine again.
Same bug here! Can´t recreate it with simple code, yet. Programs that worked for ages crash with an out of bounds error. Happens with dimdel. It is a 1d array!
I go with the "largest of horizontal and vertical values" as MrTAToad. If u just calculate the positions from the center or add the offset from the left to every calculation you can even have different aspect ratios. For that you have to catch if the longest side of your first resolution stayes the longest in the final aspect ratio. Otherways you have to use x1/x2 instead of y1/y2 for scaling. I don´t have much mobile application experience, but on win I can run my apps in any resolution or aspect ratio that way.
I ran into the same mistake once. I now use a Poolarray. Instead of deleting a type instance I flag it deleted = true, stop drawing that and dimpush the index into the poolarray. When a new object is going to be created, it looks if there is any index in the poolarray. If so I use that position in the typearray for the new object and dimdel the poolarray index, if not I (for example / easiest not fastest way) dimpush a new instance into the typearray. That way u don´t have to go through the whole typearray to look for a free slot. Works fine if u do not need any z-ordering. If u do ask again ;)
Well done!! Are you doing programming and graphics by yourself?
Code (glbasic) Select
Global Array[]
Dim Array[10]

@Slydog: If you use white opengl has not to colorize the image.
Here we go:
I have a CLX printer and I can also scan ducuments to my iphone image folder.
Do you mean printing "from" or "to" the iPhone?
If it is "from", I installed an samsung app. Works fine with my network printer. But Samsung only, I think!
GLBasic - de / Re: Select
GLBasic lebt!
Off Topic / Re: HTML5
@Leginus: Flash has only a better performance if you are running it in Firefox. Try Chrome or IE instead.