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looking into timers .. i'll need several in the game anyway ;).
there is going to be a light spell which will be able to do that .. the more light spels you have in operstion the more you'll have the opportunity to see.
spells like regerate , light, will also be limited by time. hence the need for me to look into using timers..
I'll think about adding in animation (although i'm not a fan of needless animation)

IF you care to look at the .png file for the graphics you'll see whats been designed so far. quite simple and characteristic ;)

its basicly going to be like the Original sword of fargoal.. with elements drawn in from other games like this.. kind of like a tribute to them all..

the first release will be quite simplistic and will grow as time permits into a full on stat based game with cities/shops and full inventory..

The main thing about this game is unlike games like "eshilon" (Great game BTW) where everything is set.. and once you've played theres no need to play again.. EVERYTHING in this game will be Random and dynamic to each time you run it. .. including scrolls, potions , dungeon levels , end goals , city/shop layout (down the track)

this isn't a new project of mine i've been doing it now off and on for many years.. always not getting very far. but all the ground work, structures , types etc.. are all there .. I started this program in LibertyBasic , then portewd it over to Blitz2d.(which still works BTW on win7.. both executable and programming language) and now GLBasic..
BTW the converted program compiled to about 200-300k less with GLBasic than it did in Blitz2d. Same format structure types etc.. (i simply changed the commands to the syntax of GLBasic..)
the problem isn't that.. its the responce time for reading a keypress when i have the limitfps set to a low value. (which i need as the game runs way to fast otherwise) I have it limited to the speed that i want the character to move at (max). the problem that has been reported is that sometimes it doesn't read the keypress (ie: its being held up by limitfps or something) NOT that the keys aren't repeating when being held down .. thats working fine.. its the responce / recognition of when a single key gets hit
oops sorry numberic key pad at the moment  ( I'll also be adding in other keys .. and maybe even mouse and joystick)
Just to let everyone know .. I've added a dedicated area for all you (and me) GLBasic Coders out there here is a direct link to the GLBasic forum
I too have used all the Blitz products..
I started a game in Blitz2d (which still works BTW on win7 x86 .. both the language and the game written witrh it)
I've just ported it over to GLBasic and i'm continuing to develope it in GLBasic
(it took me less than a day to convert it)
its still a work in progress and has been posted in the beta area here

OH and BTW for those who are interested .. the size of the compiled EXE from GWBasic is smaller than it was compiled in Blitz2d

the link to the demo of the program i'm working on is here
hi, I'm busy working on my project . A game i call "Dungeon Crawl" or DC for short.

Its been inspired by the likes on games like (just toname a few)
Sword of Fargoal
ultima (1-7)
(the list goes on)

please look at it and ley me know what you think of it so far.

so far tou can generate new lvls , reveal the map, walk around , and quit the game.
NOTE: nothing except for the walls do anything yet.. eg: NO you can't go up/down the stairs yet .. and NO there are no monsters yet , they are all well on the way though

ALL images and code are not to be reused by anyone.. they are copywrite ..

in Zip are the Windows and linux versions
to moce use the numeric keypad (yes you can even move diagonally)

[attachment deleted by admin]
the catagories are listed above. They are very broard to encompas everything.
3d Game . any type of game that uses 3d grapgics etc
2d Game. and game that isn't a 3d game ;)
non game: any utility / tool / os command / Programming language what ever thats not a game

its generaly to show or represent whats been coded in the last year, whats been learned , improvements in the coding languages , technology and how coders are using it.
Coding Monkeys: holds  an annual coding contest that runs from March 1st till January 31st. 2011
There are three (3) categories. I've already lined up some prizes ( more still coming).

This is a chance to promote your coding language and your coding skills, projects etc

The more interest that gets sparked by this contest the more sponsors we may get. Not many will support a contest that doesn't get any entries so spread the word

Over US$450.00 in prizes to be won (and more could still be added)

3D Game
1st prize(Total Value $212.59)
$89.99 Dark Game Studio from
$100 TGC Voucher from
More coming and yet to be announced

2nd prize(Total Value $50.00)
$50 TGC Voucher from
More coming and yet to be announced

3rd - 10th place(Total Value unknown at this time)
500 points for the Game Creator Store from
More coming and yet to be announced

2D Game
1st prize(Total Value $122.60)
$100 TGC Voucher from
More coming and yet to be announced

2nd prize(Total Value $50.00)
$50 TGC Voucher from
More coming and yet to be announced

3rd - 10th place(Total Value unknown at this time)
500 points for the Game Creator Store from
More coming and yet to be announced

Non Game
1st prize
More coming and yet to be announced

2nd prize
More coming and yet to be announced

3rd - 10th place
More coming and yet to be announced

You can use ANY coding language you like so long as the Software can be run on Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7 (sorry for 95, 98, ME, 2000, Linux, Mac, and other Platforms)

The Entry must be your (or your Team's) own work. You must have the rights to Distribute all content. (sound,Graphics,dll's, engines etc.. etc) If you don't then don't include it. Link to where you can get it in Dependencies

So Coding Monkeys is looking for Sponsors to help supply some prizes .. We are hoping to get Marketers of Coding related Software to Provide some. (This will be a great way for them to get their products / Name out to potential coders) If you would like to or know of someone who would like to help sponsor this or future contests them please contact with your details

Your Entries (yes you can enter in any / all categories multiple times .. but can only claim one prize category if you win you'll be awarded your highest .. if you get the same rank in multiple categories then you can choose which one you want to claim..)

Entries must not have been released prior to the start of the competition.. (eg: you can't enter old coding that have been entered into other contests or distributed anywhere else including here on CodingMonkeys)

No . Mods and levels etc for existing software don't count as an entry

All entries to contain (in a Zip file) the distributable (eg: .exe), media,screen shot and source code (which will remain yours to decide what to do with at the end of the contest.. Source code needed to confirm its your own work. It will not be issued out to the community unless you state you wish to do so.)

All entries are to be emailed to they shall all remain hidden until the 31st January (to keep your ideas from the competition.. you can of course decide to share ideas or code if you like) then the entries will be stripped of the source code and then placed in a special downloads area for members to Download and Vote .. (all entries will be scanned for Viruses prior to being placed for download)

Entries will be Judged by your fellow community members. (only one Vote per IP address / Member will be accepted per category)

Voting will end on the 28th of February

The contest may be Canceled only If I don't get at least 3 entries in each category (after all i can't give out prizes if there are no entries ;) )

QuoteCMCC10 Entry Form
(to be filled in and included in entry email to

CM User Log-in:
Entry Name:
Software inspired by:
Coding Language('s) used:
Do you have permission to distribute Content contained:
I hereby state that this software is my/our own Work:

Private Info which will not be Published with your Entry
Your Name:
Your Email:
I have included all source files for contest organizer:
Do you wish to make Source Code Available to Members:
Would you like to contact you about selling your product in our on-line store:

Blue Steel

Results from CMCC10

The CMCC10 - Coding Monkeys Coding Contest 2010 was withdrawn due to lack of entries(there was only 1 person who entered. They have suggested and agreed to defer their entry to the next years contest.. this one..)

Blue Steel