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The spider model is not something I made as it lacks quite a few thousand polys like my models  :D, just an example object that comes with open3mod that Hemlos mentioned earlier.

But one good thing is as you can see all the textures shown on a tab you will know that while the model will convert correctly to OBJ for use in the GLB DDD tool, if there is more than one texture then you will not be able to texture the DDD object correctly when loaded into GLB.

Of course this only applies if you use other peoples models as GLB can only load a single texture plus a bump texture I think.

So to me I think this is a handy tool that I will use quite often to check anything I create has been exported to OBJ like normals & such, also how many textures where created in the export process etc. As we know some 3d apps export to OBJ isn't perfect (C4D springs to mind) so this is a quick & easy way to check.


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