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My take on sliding non tile based rectangle collision

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Ian Price:
Please do share this with the community :)

Yes please share!

Interesting read! I don´t have use for a function like that right now, but I´m sure it will come in handy in a future.
I also can´t comment much about it as the last time I tried a similar thing was back some 10 years on darkbasic, so that experience won´t help much.

sorry for being of for so Long,

I am going to write my tests at the beginning of the next month and I have gone all MU 0 Assembler since then.

The only Thing preventing me from sharing is a bug, where sometimes somehow my Offset values become the current coordinates.
I fixed this just by checking if the Offset values are to large, works on all the test, but because of this I was ashamed to post it, I will look at this closer when the Weekend sets in.

Basically it is to functions, one which holds X and Z in bounds and one for Y , I will also try to get everything into a single call.

As i cannot compact the code,
I am going to write a tutorial on how to get the box, cylindrical / sphere and diagonal collision going.
Maybe you guys can also point out some errors, so we can get this perfect.


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