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GLBasic code editor - BR GLB IDE, with VB .Net source... Update: 21.10.2021

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Yeap there was small issue with no project on list - when creating new project an empty bookmark list should be created also, but it wasn't, so there NullException appeared in later code.
ENDINLINE - some GLB keywords are still missing from function definitions file, and GLB syntax highlighting list,  easy to 'fix'.
Haha this is strange but never used Const in GLB so just I forgot about including them in parser :) Fixed, and now they are threated like normal variables.

I can include Your style/color theme in next update, how should I call it, 'Schranz0r_style', 'dark_orange', '50_shades_of_orange'? :)

dark orange is fine :D

It's not dead if someone asks ;] A small update with few fixes, yet with larger projects some UDT hint issues may appear (to fix it use Project -> Check user variables, or just compile project), as I wasn't able to track them in given time..
If you think that some functionalities are necessary let me know (beside Debug), personally I have some ideas but game projects have higher priority.

To be honest not worthy dedicated post after such time, but editing my last post also wound't be fair if someone is looking for updates on this.
It look's that I fixed of one nastiest bugs that I wasn't able to diagnose from long time. Due to incorrect process/thread handling on my side (during GLB project compilation), the editor was freezing after system events that were affecting threads - like hibernating, changing some system settings. Now after few hours of testing different things that previously cause that issue, I didn't encounter such behavior, so I hope that it's fixed. That was main thing that was annoying me in long terms, and it could be deal breaking for others so that's why I'm posting this.
Changes/fix in process handling is major fix in this update, but beside that there are some other small changes/fixes, nothing huge, and I doubt that any additional major change/feature will come now (like code analysis for warnings or something).

Maybe not best place for such offtopic but if any one is wondering about possible other editors to use with GLB, most modern editors use LanguageServerProtocol to support additional programming languages (I highly advise Visual Studio Code, as mature opensource cross platform tool with many editing features). And you would need to write such lexer/parser as this would be the best way to have GLB support in all other possible editors. I looked into LSP docs and I'm terrified :D writing complex lexer to have support for all features like syntax coloring/formatting, auto-completion, function hints would be huge job, so if anyone feels strong enough I wish him luck ;-)


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