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I´m working on a couple of games for android. At the moment, all games are running in the native devices resolution. For example: on my samsung galaxy ace the games run at 320x480, on my archos g9 tablet the games run at 1280x800.

So far so good, I had a few speed problems, but I thought I can handle it.

But now I have buyed a Sony xperia T today, with dualcore and 1280x720 display. I was hoping that my games will now run faster, because my other 2 devices are really slow and old.

But on the sony xperia everything is terrible slow, and I have the feeling this is because of the higher resolution.

So I´m thinking now about to use a minimum resolution of 320x240 or something similar and force the device to use this resolution or stretch it so it can be fullscreen.

However, I really have no idea how to do that.

Please let me know if you know a solution or if you have a hint for me


I don't have much to offer except the anecdote that my samsung gs 3 performed terribly when I tested on it, as opposed to the few other android devices I tried, which could run my game @ 60fps. When I attached a debugger (adb logcat), I could see an error message being spammed, probably every frame, some OpenGL error or something.  It made me think there is something going on between GLB's implementation and certain device drivers. Unfortunately even though I posted some information about it, and others reported similar experiences, I don't think anything has come of it.

Long story short, Android is hit and miss. I think anyone who has tried many devices will tell you the same thing.. not sure if it's your code or not.

Here is the post I was referring to.


My games run 30fps. It's is possible to create a fixed resolution,... If up you could call a java function, before glbasic handle the surface. But no glbasic is started before after that (hence why setscreen dont work, even its could setup a fixed surface), So a sub init: would been very nice.

So only on ouya I'm run in a 720p surface.

Also if you uses offbuffer, you game property will run about double as slow, which is why I'm never uses them and/or uses various graphics setting.

If you also uses alpha on both code and image, then it's can slow down things too, due it's uses double bandwidth to draw them.
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