Interesting channel specifics Maths for videogames

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oh heck.

He makes it too complicated for me. I was expecting a simplification of x=x+1.
That math talk is sure to scare the new comers with no math background, in my opinion.

Otherwise, good link Mental!


HI erico, I don't watch any video, only I read about it's like a Course, I don't know if can be hard or easy, but almost in the forum we have a link on sur we can learn a bit more...

I use 2 spaninsh Channels for understand Maths, the trouble it's only in Spaninsh but the Teachers are 100% betters I have in my real life like student ( I think a channel are translating, but I don't know when will be finisehd the translations.)



Just watched the first video, pretty sound explanation. Does he have one on speculative contacts? I'll check later when I'm at my computer.