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I have finally finished my game enough that I would like to try to push it out to the app store. I am having an error though, as shown below "Your app contains non-public API usage. Please review the errors, correct them, and resubmit your application."
"Apps are not permitted to access the UDID and must not use the uniqueidentifier method of UIDevice. Please update your apps and serves to associate users with the Vendor or Advertising identifiers introduced in iOS 6."

I google around and found this page: where the top answer suggested to use this command to try to track down which library might be the problem: "find . | grep -v .svn  | grep "\.a" | grep -v "\.app" | xargs grep uniqueIdentifier"

I did that command, and sure enough got this:

localhost:XCode falstaff$ find . | grep -v .svn  | grep "\.a" | grep -v "\.app" | xargs grep uniqueIdentifier
Binary file ./Lib/libGLBasiciPhone-egl.a matches
Binary file ./libGLBasiciPhone-egl.a matches

So it looks like libGLBasiciPhone contains references to UDID? What can I do about this?

Thanks in advance!


What version of GLBasic are you using ?


im submitted for a update to Greedy Mouse for a month ago with GlBasic v11.414, and did not have that issue. So you might use a too old version of GlBasc?

Im thinks the reason is Gernot was used UDID in PLATFORMINFO$("ID"), which he dont use that anymore. Howover im not sure which kind of ID he now use, if he not just have removed it?

The best version for iOS is v11.171, where the iCade issues was fixed (but breaked again in a later version), which can been happens on iPad 3 and up.
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oh.. I guess I'm on 10.283? I'm not sure why, I went to the site and downloaded and then went 'update'; it says I'm at the latest version. Is v11 the beta or something?

edit: googled it, guess I'll try this v11 beta dl from the forum post

Kitty Hello

Yes, V11 should fix this issue. You get an UDID, that is partially just a random number written somewhere for each app. On reinstall, your ID changes, though!


Ok, managed to get the app submitted. Pity I had to remove the transparency fx though.. it seems the alphamode commands I was using was dropping my FPS on iOS in half.. but ah well, just wanted to get it out the door, been working on this game too long!


Property its best to use alpha directly on your images, which seen is faster than alphamode. Im have seen the same issue, and that take a LOTS on bandwidth (using around double bandwith). iOS6 is also slowere than iOS6, which dropped around 15fps alone with iPad 3. So im dedicated dropping the 60fps framerate and did go after 30fps instead due the reason.

PS. Good luck with your game.
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