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Apparently there is a problem with sound panning on android (tested on nexus and kindle fire with glbasic v10 (not tested with v11 beta))

pan = -1.0 or pan = 1.0 always returns a pan = 0
It's strange  O_O

However, the sound panning work perfectly on PC (of course, in waiting the possiblity of changing the sound panning and volume in real time  :P)

---> Sounds are in ogg format / 22050 hz


Same problem on glbasic v11.414  :(

It's a really annoying problem for my 3d game.   :'(


I think this error was solved... but seems again fails.. Only I think it's wait for the realease of the 11, I think gernnot comment the another time, this not it's too much complex.

PS: No W.I.P about your game, I like see it (if it's posible), I think only do 3D a few guys in the forum...


I'll try to use several different sounds to simulate a sound panning (big work in perspective :S)

I'll post a link when it's finished (normally soon :))
I don't like showing a product that isn't finished.
In french we have an expresion for this : "être un perfectionniste" --> "be a perfectionist")
It's sometimes a quality but also a defect  :-[

Thank you for your reply mentalthink.   :booze:


Hi Snoopy thanks for your phrase, in Spain we use something similar too..
I glad to see a neighbor here I think frech forum it's more dead than spanish...

Welcome I think you are new in this land, anything I can help, here I am...  ;)

and when you can show something at least for me I like to show this 3D game...  :good:


Viva España

Liberté, égalité... superioridad

Private joke France/Spain in sport... particularly in soccer :P


Specially the last spain vs brazil pre-world-cup :P

Just joking, I don´t care about soccer, but for the parties that may be around them.