Strange syntax error

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I'm compiling the sample ASC.bas so I know there is no syntax error.

I'm using Windows.  I copy ASC.gbas and GPC.exe to the root of the C drive ie C:\GPC.exe.  I open a command shell at the root of the C drive and type "GPC ASC.gbas" and get an unexplained syntax error in line 7, which is the first PRINT line.  This does not happen if I use GPC.exe in the place it is installed ie I type "C:\Program Files\GLBasic\Compiler\Platform\GPC.exe C:\ASC.gbas" and I don't get any errors.

Can anyone explain why this happens?


¿Are you working in the new Mac IDE? You need to copy prototypes.txt in the same directory with the gpc.exe command.


Thanks hardyx.  I'm doing this in Windows, not the Mac IDE because I'm trying to work out if I can package GPC with wine in a portable package to make it easier to install the Mac IDE.