Purchased Premium License But No Key

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Does anyone know the process for getting the premium license unlocked after you paid?  I paid 3 days ago and havent gotten even an email saying thanks let alone an unlock key.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ian Price

Gernot (KittyHello) sends licenses out, however he is really busy at the moment. PM him with your details and he'll sort you out pretty quick I'm sure :)

Anyway, welcome to GLBasic, and I'm sure we're all sorry about the delay.

I came. I saw. I played.


seodude, how did you purchase it?

In my case, I used Paypal and received an almost immediate email that supplied the unlock code that is sent to the email address you supplied when purchasing.


Hi Seodude,

I'm sure you have done this already, but check your junk mail folder in case the E-mail with the key took a wrong turn at your in box. Three days is plenty of time, and you have acted correctly in posting your concern here. Please let us know when the issue is resolved, so we are not left to wonder.



Kitty Hello

Code is getting automatically generated. If you don't get it within an hour, it might have been considered as spam. Drop me a PM then.