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Kitty Hello

Yes, me too. I mean - I did a fresh clean build of one of my apps and it was working. Can someone confirm that the V11 beta works with clean projects and the latest XCode?


I tested it and with a fresh new project, all appears to work fine until you modifies the Xcode project, for example by adding wrappers...   Then Xcode won't compile, throwing ARM7 errors like in the screenshots posted by Aroldo.

Also this error is related with the fact that each time you compiles from GLBasic, the Xcode project is overwritten, losing all the changes made to it.

My solution was to make my own Xcode project from zero, including manually all the frameworks and ".a" libraries erasing the files of the Xcode project that GLBasic uses as source to be copied to the project folder each time you compiles.

iPhone 5 screen resolution is also unsupported. I added the iPhone 5 resolution in the GLBasic's project settings but it only uses the iPhone 4 resolution, I suppose that the dimensions for the internal OpenGL window/view are not correctly adjusted at the load of the application from Xcode.

As I wrote in other posts also, the rotation of the screen has been changed in iOS 6, and I suppose that it will work in the same way under iOS 7, this change affects the way in which appears the bottom multitasking bar in iPad. This problem can be solved with wrappers, but may be that the best way to solve it is including the needed code to the internal GLBasic's Xcode part.

I have iPad 4, iPhone 5 as devices for testing, a MacBook Pro 2011 as development laptop with Windows XP as virtual machine. My Xcode version is 4.6.2 and my GLBasic version is Beta 11.414.

EDIT: I found the error in the GLBasic/Xcode's project that is avoiding wrappers to run. The project it is not precompiling the "Prefix Header", the file with the ".pch" extension that old versions of GLBasic have, also, the file is not present in the GLBasic's folders.

Obviously the other errors that I said before are still there.

EDIT 2: Again, I noticed that the iCade "grey/shadows line" at the bottom of the GLBasic's screen appears (again) when you compiles using this last Beta. I just tested the same project and code without problems compiling it with my old Beta, the one that I used for testing purposes in the past, when I helped Gernot to fix the iCade problems.

GERNOT: If you like, you can PM me or send me an email with the same Xcode's files that you sent me in the past, if you need help.

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I think the errors about GLB symbols "undefined in armv7" is because the GLB libraries are compiled for armv6, and the last XCode SDK 6.x ignores the code compiled for this cpu (but it's compatible with armv7). In other XCode versions you can add armv6 compatibility, but this time they don't want this.


I solved it HardyX...

It is a problem related to the "prefix file" and Xcode project settings... Like I said before :P
"Si quieres resultados distintos... no hagas siempre lo mismo" - Albert Einstein.


Thank you all for your help.

Can someone post how the "prefix file" and Xcode project settings should be?
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You can copy the .pch file from an old version of GLBasic or other old GLBasic project to the Xcode project folder.

After, you have to add the configuration to Xcode, like in this screenshot.

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