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In order to try and get some more income, I recently had the idea of seeing whether any companies would be willing to pay me to advertise their companies on either the ingame background or the initial logo display.  I sent an email to :

Tesco's; Sainsburys; Disking International; WHSmith; Roosterteeth (the people behind  Red V Blue); Wikimedia; Chichester Observer (the local newspaper); Ubuntu; Iyonix (I dont think they now exist, but I wanted to add them anyway); OSNews; Weebl's Stuff (which could be amusing as he does commerical advertisments) and TGC.

It will be interesting to see if I a) get any replies and b) if anyone is interested.


I think that's a great idea and I will be interested to see your results!  :)


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Some time ago I was making a poker clock. I contacted dozens of online casinos to ask if they would like to sponsor it, with either publicity or even naming the full app (as some iOS clocks do). I got only a few answers, and they were really "we are not the department, use this email instead".



HI Yestarday I read about publishing games, I think it´s the only out, for an Indie develeper and I read, something very interesting... I don´t know about that...

Well the fact it´s you can send an idea, don´t have to make any one line of code... then if you can present and original idea, like sketch, perhaps you can have a publisher, becuase they make from the paper to the Computer...

About you tell, I think it´s very good Idea, perhaps works or not, but I think it´s a good idea... perhaps another manner it´s focus to make an application especial for any kind of user... somthing like, who sell baths , "grifos" (sorry I don´t know how say), like a promotional video, or something interactive... when I work like freelance 3D, I make a great number of works of this type... I say this 2, but can be any type of product


hey so did you hear back from anyone?


One possible interesting thing too, would be to assemble a set of games from users(I mean us) so those companies may see more value on a larger set? Would be hard to split and someone would also have to manage things.

I may be able to help with better ideas on this as soon as I publish at least one thing :P


Quote from: Falstaff on 2012-May-15
hey so did you hear back from anyone?
No one brought it :(


I suppose you'd have to have an established user base, so you can actually throw numbers around that speak to how much exposure you can guarantee they're getting. Otherwise they could just take whatever money you'd ask for and throw it at a PPC campaign and be guaranteed however many thousand impressions/clicks, etc.