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Tiny Request: Playing a sampleloop (not musicloop)

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Please, +1 for me also.



--- Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2012-Jan-09 ---Can I link OpenAL statically?

--- End quote ---

If its just Windows then:

Well I think, MINGW links to it statically( See http://www.nongnu.org/mingw-cross-env/#packages ), so it seems to be possible. I have not tried it, also a quick google brought up this post, http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lib.openal/6355

Its a bit of a grey area though.

That being said, personally I don't mind making sure that the little the openal DLL is part of the final distro for my program.

For the tiny request I originally asked, possible to loop samples as well dymanic control volume and panning. That would works in most games really we create in this language really (including that game I create). I have a little sirene sound I want to been looped (and can been stopped at any time), but might allready have music played in background.

Its would been great to let to mix it to 22khz to save cpu as well, which could been wonderfull for those lesser powered Android devices or general. Example I use 22khz mono sound samples, so I have no need to mix to a 44khz output at all. I would do reduced very much cpu time here.

PS. OpenAL would been a great bonus for much more advanced control and could been using with new commands rather than replace them (and might limit support of devices, hence own commands here). Also if you ask me as others say, I would also not mind to include a dll file too at all. That even its should only been required for Windows 98 and XP. With OpenAL you should also been possible to support more than just PCM wav files.

For looping sounds (only), would this help at all?


As I also need to loop sounds, I'm going to have a go at implementing it tonight.

Yes are of that, but imperfect for multiplatform use, due framerate I set might variere. Etc its cannot allways checked just in time.

not sure it's can been done in a thread, but glbasic is not thread safe.


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