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Here's a graphical .pnd file maker I made to make it easier to package games up for the pandora.
There is a Pandora version and a windows version.
Linux(x86) and MacOSX versions should be ready soon(-ish).
Your settings can be saved to .pndb files and loaded later.
In windows you can set PNDbuilder.exe as the default program for handling .pndb files.
Inside the zip file is the windows and pandora("pandora.bin") executables.

Known bugs:
windows - mkisofs.exe is converting filenames to 8.3 msdos style for some reason so you can only use squashFS
pandora - mkisofs isn't installed by default on the pandora so you can only use squashFS in the pnd version as well
pandora - when picking files the "UpOneDir" button goes too fast and can go up several directories quickly.

Here's the PND (and yes it was made with this pnd builder ;))
Here's the zip
Let me know of any bugs you find.
And if anyone is good at making icons feel free to make a new one for me.


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