Another Comic Viewer for Wiz

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Here's a free somewhat complete comic viewer I programmed for the wiz.
Currently only supports Png (Sorry It's due to hardcoding the png extension in.)
Features Include:
-Comic Loading from Directory.(See Readme...or just look into comic dir. It's pretty self explanitory)
-Touchscreen Scrolling(Currently Non Adjustable)
-Goto Page Screen([Menu] Hardcoded...Yeah I know sloppy.)
-Fast Page-Change (Hold Down L/R for >1 sec)
-Adjustable Scroll Lengths(A/Y to +/-)
-Locked Scroll Mode([Select] Sucks right now though.)
-See Readme

Other keys are as follows
+/- (Pushed Together) Exit Application

Included is a free comic (Partial) and the source code. (FYI Yes I know the keypress handling looks very sloppy. However it works great so, so what.)
Anyways enjoy. If you can find any bugs aside from the locked scrollmode completely sucking then don't hesitate to say something. :good:

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