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I've been updating Corax's world/map building system to make more use of the latest features of GLBasic (and to allow my loading system to deal with the graphics).

Its coming along very nicely - the next thing I need to do is add the mini-map, and then I can tidy it up and release the code.

When (if) you run the executable, you'll get a white screen for a short while and then two messages stating that the program can't change to a given directory - ignore those and click on the OKAY button to continue.  You will then get the world - use the cursor keys to scroll around.

The world is randomly generated, so each run of the program produces something different.

The original Showroom entry is here :

As a side note, I hope to be posting the updated (and latest version) of my loading system later on in the week...

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Very, very interesting.


I <3 DGArray's :D

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Looks cool, I missed the original!  :good:


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Here is the updated program, with the mini map and the ability to use any resolution now.

The only slight downside to the program is that, due to how the layering works, the program has to continually grab the contents of the screen, which could slow things down with higher resolutions - its very usable, but somewhat noticeable.

I haven't added the code for adding cities - it wouldn't be needed for what I hope to use this routine for...

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Here is the current source code

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That looks really cool.  Could do a remake of Empire with that. :)
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