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hab jetzt schon 6 monate nichts mehr gemacht und wollte mal wieder loslegen. nur jetzt gibts dieses neue schicke google android. jetzt halt meine dumme frage: wirds das geben, dass man auch für android kompilieren kann? keine ahnung ob das möglich ist, da andoird ja java ist soweit ich das geschnallt haben.

ich denk mir halt: fragen kostet nicht ;)


Kitty Hello

Bring mir einen C++ Compiler und ein SDK, dann ja.
Sonst: nein. Android ist Java only.


Push!! :whip:
Jetzt wo Android Phones mehr verkauft werden als das iPhone...
Wie sieht es damit aus?

Kitty Hello

What about different screen resolutions? It's a real pain, isn't it?


Not only screen resolutions but some models are multi-touch, while others aren't. Not to mention "custom" add-ons various companies include.

Android is slowly becoming new JavaME-like mess. I know some people who used to develop for Java mobile, who regard iPhone as their saviour and don't have the slightest intention to go to Android yet.  Once bitten...

BTW, there is rumour going around that new iPhone will have 960x640 resolution (screen size remains the same).
Screen resolution is entering the "megapixel race" I think, just like the cameras did. Who in the right mind needs THAT?
Current IPhone res is more than more than enough for every purpose I could think of.

I would revert them all to gameboy 160x144 resolution! Them ungrateful pixel murdering b*stards! :whip:  :P

Kitty Hello

Please, please NO!!!! The resolution 320x480 is exaclty the thing for the iPhone size. No more, no less.
Bringing the iPad to 1024x768 was unexpected, but a new resolution will make things really bad.
The main advantage of Apple devices always was: same target platform. That's why so many people like coding for game consoles instead of PC.


you can get the size:

CGRect *miep = [[UIScreen mainScreen].frame];


your eaglview is resolution independed
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Yes, Apple kind of held to the "console dev" principle for a while, but it seems that they're falling into "mobile dev" pithole sadly.

What I always hated about "mobile technologies" is that they always come up with something new, but never, EVER use it to its full potential before it gets replaced with something even more "new".

Compare that to Nintendo DS for example which was obsolete technology in 2004, let alone 2010, but still kicks ass - just because manufacturer held to it.

Eh, sometimes I wish we lived in medieval times where the king would proclaim that anything with resolution higher than 320x240 and without hardware accelerated sprites would be burned and its creators beheaded.