Author Topic: glRotate and glScale  (Read 4623 times)


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glRotate and glScale
« on: 2009-Sep-08 »

Can  glRotation and glScale be set from within glBasic to be used with STARTPOLY ?

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Re: glRotate and glScale
« Reply #1 on: 2009-Sep-13 »
Yes, I'm not pushing an identity before. You have to restore the matrix later, though (or call X_MAKE2D)

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Re: glRotate and glScale
« Reply #2 on: 2009-Sep-13 »

Ok, shall give that a try.

I was actually wondering if STARTPOLY could be extended to that the rotation and scale could be called as a parameter

Im talking more of a 2D system but I suppose a 3D one too (im just being selfish)

i.e STARTPOLY  scalex, scaley, rotx, roty