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Just wondering how many Retro Remake forum regulars are here now?  I've seen one or two new names here in GLB land that I recognise ;)

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Andy H (Ovine)

Ian Price

I'm here, but you knew that anyway.
I came. I saw. I played.


I'm not here, I'm over there
For games, remakes, and GL Basic Tutorials
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Not sure I count, I've never remade anything.   =D

Ian Price

Just because we enjoy retro gaming doesn't mean that we can't/don't appreciate modern games or apps. too. It's not a mutually exclusive thing you know.

Enjoying the past isn't about living in the past.

Retro Remakes is about celebrating the history of gaming, not just the games themselves. It's about re-creating and (hopefully) improving historic games that most gamers will never have played. It's about fun. It's about diversity. It's about taking the piss out of the C64 and ZX Spectrum. :P

And what's more it's increasingly pro GLBasic.
I came. I saw. I played.


Yep, I'm here too from over there and have bought my lovely avatar with me as well.


Bet that game never gets released in the west.  Too 'weird' for most westerners.  Heck it sure wont hit Oz.  We wont even get to see Excitebots Trick Racing on the Wii here apparently (among other games), and I've not seen any explanation as to why.  I'm sick of us being the 'poor cousins' of either the US or the UK.  :'(

Edit: Erm I've had my whinge, now I'll shut up.  Sorry about the attempted thread-jacking.  Move along, nothing to see here. :)

On topic: Ocean, Gernot frequents the RR website you know. :)  It's good to see some of the talented guys there are moving (gradually) to GLB from things like Blitz, GM and others.  The retro-remake scene is a positive for GLB, not a negative, even if it's not your thing. :)


I'm here too but I'm not terribly active since I haven't bought GLBasic yet.
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Kitty Hello

Retro Remakes is the best place to be for ppl in my age. It's about "when games were still games" and not commercials or interactive movies. The old 8 bit games had excellent gameplay (most at least), interesting ideas and (being limited to 8 bit hardware) a scope that can be dealed with as a lone solider.


Russ Hoy


Me here but I aren't really regular on any site  =D


I flit in and out and update my files occasionally, but I don't code. :p


I'm here pretty much daily though I've got a different name again due to a bugger up when I created my profile here and now I'm not changing it after racking up >200 posts.

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