2 Future Crew style effects

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Paul Smith

2 Effect from Second Reality
All done with standard GLB commands.

1st Fake plasma Cube: FC used palette rotation , not  sure how to do that  so I did it my way.

2nd Overlapping/bending circles: takes 10 seconds to render.tried this with a rotating palette but it looked bad.

I will upload code once it cleaned and optimized if interested
Let me know if you like or have idea's

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Ian Price

Both very cool effects :)
I came. I saw. I played.


The circles made me dizzy  :puke:
Cube was nice - very amiga-like
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Very Interesting the cube with animated maps!!!


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Paul Smith

I guess 99% of you worked out how this was done.I recall someone asking about this ages ago.so this was my take with animation.

The cube was made using AC3D, I then drawn a picture 512x512 with a 3x3 grid 170x170. Using AC3D texture coordinate editor mapped each side to a grid position. save it as .ddd
not sure how easy this is if you built the cube from Code and tried to map it, maybe someone with more experience could shed some light?

The program load 3 sprite pictures(plasma )
stretches the images and grabs a sprite per line. e.g 320x200 would grab 200 sprites 320x1 and does this 3x

using cosine maths it wobbles the whole screen and grabs an image for 2  sides. again 3x
then all is written to the grid  in different  location then grabbed as the texture  map
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Yeah looks nice.
Side note: when texturing a 3D object in GLBasic, you generally should stick with textures with the power of two, e.g. 512x512.
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Paul Smith

I did map the image on a 512x512 this it just a typo, i'll fix it now. cheers
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pretty dizzy! well done.