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I'm having problems building my project on my desktop. Fortunately my laptop builds ok, so it's obviously something in my setup. I have recently been toying around trying to get java to be detected, and have made sure to add it to the path, but I'm still having problems.

Code (glbasic) Select

Wordcount:5160 commands
running Android build-script...
BUILD STAGE 1: Compile and pack

WARNING: Java not found in your path.
Checking if it's installed in C:\Program Files\Java instead (64-bit).

Java was found at C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_03\bin\java.exe.
Please consider adding it to your path:
- Under Windows XP, open Control Panel / System / Advanced / Environment Variables
- Under Windows Vista or Windows 7, open Control Panel / System / Advanced System Settings / Environment Variables
At the end of the "Path" entry in "User variables", add the following:
  ;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_03\bin\java.exe

'"java.exe"' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
BUILD STAGE 2: Install on device
'"java.exe"' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
finished Android build-script.
Android=C:\Users\John\Dropbox\Game dev\Zombie Heads\code\glbasic\zombietest 0.50 - emu and small tweaks\distribute\Android
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 20.0 sec. Time: 06:03
Build: 1 succeeded.

It says build succeeded, but it didn't make a new binary :/

I'm not sure why it can't find java.exe. I've got it in the system path, and when I type "java" in a command console it comes up fine. I do have 64 bit windows, and the java sdk installed. I was also getting an error about not finding swt.jar, but I was able to download a 64 bit version of it and at least that error doesn't show up. At a loss for this last one though.

Any ideas?
This JewelBeat site looks awesome! There are a lot of great tracks here. I wonder, why is mp3 and wav no good for android?
Hm, well it compiles, but when I try to trigger that function my app crashes.. and I can't figure out why since apparently my old mac mini is now too old to update to the new xcode which is required to debug an ios 5.1 device :/

Well, guess it's time to buy a new mac. Maybe we'll see what the new macbook refresh will have in store.
Hello all, as I've written about in this post, I'm looking to leverage TestFlight's SDK in my GLB apps. To do this I understand I have to write some sort of wrapper.

The code I'd like to wrap looks like this:

Code (glbasic) Select

-(IBAction)launchFeedback {
    [TestFlight openFeedbackView];

I have a rough idea of what to do on the GLB side of things from various forum topics I've found, but I'm pretty lost on where to put this code in my XCode project. I suppose I get as far as creating a file next to my main.m file, but I'm not sure what the format is for that file.

Any ideas? Thanks!
Yeah I can see this being really useful for sure :) and I just noticed they have some sort of new service, "TeatFlightLive".. Looks like it might just be added functionality on top of their existing stuff.
ohhh ok I thought you'd need a wrapper to get even those features, does that mean you get crash logs too? That's so cool, I agree it's definitely a strong start. I'm still curious about their API for things like the feedback stuff they have.

Thanks again :)

[edit] Looks like it was pretty easy to get up and running after all, I can see my events firing under the "SDK Debugger" link in my TestFlight account, but my build still shows 0 sessions.. maybe it just takes awhile to update I guess.. are your sessions showing up?

[edit again] oh there they are! awesome!
Thanks so much this is a big help :) I haven't actually looked into using any external APIs yet, so although I understand a wrapper is needed I'm unfamiliar with the syntax. I don't suppose you have an example function wrapped that you could share! It'll give me a huge head start when I sit down to play with this properly later tonight.
Wait what did you do? So have you had success using some of the API features of Testflight now? Do you mind posting whatever steps you took?
Hm.. Ironically I wonder straight up PPC would bring in more clicks. Still an interesting marketing ploy, something worth considering.

Of course, personally I'm too lazy to 'like' something and register for an account on a site for a chance to win $5, and I'm not going to buy a $1 virtual raffle ticket for $10 either. I'd maybe consider it for $100. Again though I wonder if PPC is a cheaper means of advertising.
Off Topic / Re: GLBasic Wiki
I like the idea of a wiki but I think I'd like it better if it were a part of the official site.
Erico: I had tried that but it has little effect, I think the closer you are to 255,255,255, the closer the pixel is to it's original colour.

Wampus: Yeah I think that's what I want. and yeah I'm not sure about this route you mention..!

Fuzzy70: Hm I suppose that's one approach, but frankly we're already trimming animation frames because we don't want to run out of resources loading all of our sprites, so I don't think I want to double our memory footprint for 1 simple effect.

Matchy: Ah - hah! This could be it :) I'll have a go at that, I like the sounds of this solution best.

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions!
I want to have an effect where a sprite flashes white, but I'm not sure how to achieve it. I am drawing my sprites using POLYVECTOR commands, and noticed that there is a way to specify a colour when setting pixels, however white is used as the 'normal' colour.

So I know how to make something draw that is say, blue, but not white!

Any ideas?
Well before I was doing something like:

ALPHATESTING -1 (or did I have it set to 0? can't remember now)

but now I'm just doing


and leaving it like that.. seems to do the trick.
ahh, ok that seems to fix it. I was using alphatesting a bit already for my text commands but if I just slap it down after SHOWSCREEN it seems to run as normal.

iOS, specifically my iphone 4.