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GLBasic - en / Re: Problems with transparency
« on: 2011-Jan-01 »
oh. Try DRAWRECT 0,0,1000,1000,0 before you draw the background image.

Not work  :'(

GLBasic - en / Re: Problems with transparency
« on: 2011-Jan-01 »
There is a sample game with the CREATESCREEN Command? I need to see some code.

Thank you.

GLBasic - en / Re: Problems with transparency
« on: 2011-Jan-01 »
You can to check this code on an iPhone. I attached examples BMP files.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
LOADSPRITE "sprite.bmp",0
DRAWRECT 0,0,32,32, RGB(255,0,128)
GRABSPRITE 1,0,0,32,32

LOADBMP "background.bmp"
DRAWSPRITE 1,100,100

[attachment deleted by admin]

GLBasic - en / Re: Problems with transparency
« on: 2011-Jan-01 »
It will be difficult  because as I said  only happens in the  iPhone, and capture an image showing clearly the fault is complicated.

GLBasic - en / Re: Problems with transparency
« on: 2010-Dec-31 »
sprites and background are 24-bit BMP format . This problem occurs only in IPhone, it works correctly in windows.

GLBasic - en / Problems with transparency
« on: 2010-Dec-31 »
When I add a background image with LOADBMP Command the black area of the Sprites are displayed transparents (I use the DRAWSPRITE Command). Does anyone know what happens?.  :doubt:

I was afraid that the command GRABSPRITE not work well, but I've had a big surprise.

The project is almost finished, but graphically it is very green yet. I hope to show something soon.

thanks a million


 :enc: :enc:

And I do not know how I did it. I think the problem was that I did not copy the XCode folder correctly.

Thanks for your patience.  :booze:

P.D.: or maybe I have now compiled the project with the latest version of GLBasic

I'm using GRABSPRITE in Landscape Mode. I tried using a red rectangle instead of a BMP image but my iPhone still shows a black rectangle. I try to record a video to show it.

I'll post the piece of code that I think may be important to solve my problem, the full code is too long and I do not want to be public.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
// --------------------------------- //
// Project: XXX
// Start: Thursday, January 01, 1970
// IDE Version: 8.078

SETCURRENTDIR("Media") // seperate media and binaries?


//Creamos SPRITES de movimiento Enemigo hacia derecha
LOADSPRITE "Enemigo.bmp",0
FOR I=0 TO -234 STEP -29.25
DRAWRECT 0,0,30,31, RGB(255,0,128)




I explained that everything is working correctly in windows.

I have all the certificates and I transferred my program to my iPhone, but instead of displaying sprites appear black squares.

Tengo el mismo problema, he activado el SETCURRENDIR("Media") y he cargado los Sprites con LOADSPRITE y GRABSPRITE. Si lo compilo para Windows funciona perfectamente, con los .bmp y .png en la carpeta Media, sin embargo en el IPhone no me los muestra, y tengo copiado los ficheros en la carpeta Media también. ¿Alguna idea?.

Translate by Google:
I have the same problem, I activated the SETCURRENDIR ("Media") and loaded the Sprites with LOADSPRITE and GRABSPRITE. If I compile for Windows works seamlessly with the .bmp and .png files in the Media folder, but the iPhone is not shown to me, and I have copied the files into the Media folder as well. Do you can help me?.

Thank you

GLBasic - en / Re: Where is my XCODE file?
« on: 2010-Dec-29 »
¿Gracias? ampos,  ;)

Espero que dentro de poco podáis ver finalizada mi obra, ya queda muy poco, llevo desde que me registré liado con el tema, doy gracias a que disponía de muchos conocimientos del lenguaje Basic de cuando disponía de mi MSX (gran máquina), y ha sido un milagro toparme con GLBasic que es muy similar.

Saludos y nos veremos a menudo.  :booze:

GLBasic - en / Re: Where is my XCODE file?
« on: 2010-Dec-29 »
thank you again Ian Price  :nw:

GLBasic - en / Re: Where is my XCODE file?
« on: 2010-Dec-29 »
Rectifico, sigo igual  :( no encuentro el .xcodeproj file

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