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Off Topic / Re: Spectrum Next
« on: 2017-Dec-08 »
Wow! Looks great =D

Keep us informed :)

Of course!!!  ;)

Off Topic / Re: Spectrum Next
« on: 2017-Dec-08 »

Welcome Spectrum Next to new FPGA 8-bit computers!  :good:

I'm are one of the ZX-Uno Team ( developers of another FPGA ZX-Spectrum open source/hardware computer clone. (We are delighted with the arrival of this new machine ;-))

If are interested... you can find some info in the link attached.... or searching for our group in Facebook.

I'm currently finishing my first game for ZX-Uno (basically a ZX-Spectrum 48 kb with OUR NEW video graphic mode called "Radastan").

(I don't  know if the Next have support for this new video mode).

Features of Video Mode Radastan are:

128x*96 screen pixel... without color clash.
Each pixel have single color of a 16 color palette (based on Ulaplus -
And we have, INT video raster, scroll.... and some other features.

I upload some snapshots...  :)


On Emulator (ZEsarUX):

On real Hardware:
[ Invalid YouTube link ]

Developed using Z88DK. (


PS (For a long time I did not enter this forum ... it's a pleasure to stop here again  8))

Off Topic / Re: Gamebuino Meta
« on: 2017-Dec-08 »
Waiting for my meta..... I'm one of the backers of this crowdfunding.


Hi, I have new mobile phone Android... are a Orange Gova (huawei ascend g6 maybe)...

Have a 540x960 px... quad core... os 4.3... rooted  =D

If you have a new apk for test... I can install on phone!

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2014-Jul-31 »

Off Topic / Re: SpeccyJam Anyone?
« on: 2014-Jul-19 »

Try to write REAL code for ZX... with only 42 Kb of ram free... with only 4 mhz cpu speed... only 8 colors... low resolution... no multitask...

IT'S "MAGIC"!!!  :good:

Off Topic / Re: SpeccyJam Anyone?
« on: 2014-Jul-18 »
Long life to ZX Spectrum hardware!  :good:

IMHO the most difficult task of RPG game are the formula combats and balancing stats of hero, enemys, etc...

I need some help about this....

Any good tutorial ?

Thanks HArk0, all seems just fine!

Good thing Space, I may add a few things there to try and get the virtual screen away from it.
But it is good it is available because as soon as someone gets an android compilation going, the next step is to deal the screen size.

I hope it helps users around.

I send to you a photos of my android device:

Alcatel Onetouch 992D:

- Type: 37
- GetScreen X: 800
- GetScreen Y: 480
- Nav Bar Size: 0
- FPS: 60

Try this:

For virtualbox, etc.

Hi Erico, my And device are 800x400 px resolution...

The first APK (game) works correctly (screen have correct resolution/adapt)...

Today I install this APK... sorry (very very busy)  :-[

Di que si!

Esta muy chulo el juego!


Off Topic / Re: just a topic for laughter
« on: 2014-May-02 »
You should share your special tobacco...  :D

Hmmm suena a placa base kaputt... yo miraria de pillarme una en fixit o similares... y te la cambias tu mismo...

Ya contaras, suerte!

GLBasic - en / Re: Happy Holidays!
« on: 2013-Dec-30 »
My best wishes for new 2014!


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