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Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2022-Nov-03 »
DonĀ“t worry about topics, we are all into GLB topic :)

Yes I too recall a problem with full screen and also loading assets during game and not before opening a screen.
Maybe within parallels the issues are the same? If so, we might want to keep that in mind and documented for compatibility :)

My projects are currently running in windows rather than full screen on the M1, but I've had them running full screen too without any issues. I've sent you a pm with a link to my project I'm working on using Parallels.. not sure if it will be much help but perhaps you might spot something different.

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2022-Nov-02 »
Lovely game and beautiful graphics! Works on my i3 fine, but for some reason it won't run on my Macbook M1 (running Parallels). When trying to start from Steam or the exe file nothing starts up. Probably not a big issue as will only be a small minority of users playing on Macs but thought it might be useful feedback.

Thanks Loftcat. That feedback is important. A bunch of users do use parallels to run my games and as far as I knew things were going ok.
I hope it is something related to music but Gravedigger EX uses playmusic too and I had no complains. Could it be because of the fullscreen? The said game is windowed.

The more successful of my games sell something like 150 copies so every user counts a lot.
Hopefully one day I will break the 1000 barrier :)

I don't think it's because it's full screen. I use GLBASIC in Parallels every day without any major issues, and my games run okay.
Dreamerman's BR Logic Pack ( is working well under Parallels too.
I tried running the exe as administrator from the steamapps folder too but to no avail.
Let me know if there's any else simple you'd like me to try.

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2022-Nov-01 »
Lovely game and beautiful graphics! Works on my i3 fine, but for some reason it won't run on my Macbook M1 (running Parallels). When trying to start from Steam or the exe file nothing starts up. Probably not a big issue as will only be a small minority of users playing on Macs but thought it might be useful feedback.

@svenart Nice looking game well done! Great to see an html5 release too, inspiraton for me to work on something using the compiler.

Interesting to hear this too as I'd also like to try Steam for releasing a game one day. Does Steam help to make your games easy to update?

Also fascinating you came from Symbian, I too released a game for the Symbian range some years back. What tools did you use back then? I used NSBASIC for Symbian. I don't think there were too many of us using it.

I have the same problem. You would think I would recognise my own code but no!  =D

GLBasic - en / Re: Steam HTML5 Compiler
« on: 2022-Oct-07 »
My Python version is 3.10.7

GLBasic - en / Re: Steam HTML5 Compiler
« on: 2022-Sep-26 »
First cut of some steps for another GLBASIC-HTML5 newbie like myself...  what do you think? Anything to add or amend ?

GLBASIC v16 (Steam edition) - Getting started with the HTML Compiler (Windows 10)

Pre-requisites: GLBASIC v16 Steam Edition

1. Purchase the HTML Compiler from Steam as GLBASIC DLC. Once purchased, the HTML Compiler should automatically install via Steam.
There isn't an obvious change to GLBASIC when you launch it, but under Project->Options on the menu, HTML5 and HTML5-webGL options should be available.

2. Install Python. This is not mandatory for the compiler to work, but is needed if you want to test your compiled html5 program in the simplest way. You can install the latest version of Python from the Microsoft App Store.

3. Create a new project with the following code:

SUB MainLoop1:
   PRINT "Hello World",10,10

The key thing is a SETLOOPSUB should be used for main loops when compiling to HTML5.

4. On the menu go to Project->Options and set Platform Configuration to 'HTML5-WebGL' and click OK.

5. Go to Compile->Build Multiplatform. Click on HTML5-WebGL to compile your project.

6. Locate your project folder in your GLBasic home folder. Navigate to the ..\<projectName>.app sub-folder of your project. If there isn't a Media folder, create one. Inside your Media folder, if you do not have any files, create a simple dummy text file. It doesn't matter what it is called, as long as a file exists here.

7. Go to Compile->Build Multiplatform. Click on HTML5-WebGL to re-compile your project

8. Navigate to the ..\distribute\HTML5 folder and you should see several files of these types: .data, .html, .js, .wasm and .bat. Providing you have installed Python in step 2, you should be able to click on the run_local_test.bat file to run your project in a browser using a local web server.

GLBasic - en / Re: Steam HTML5 Compiler
« on: 2022-Sep-24 »
about the local web server not working but are you sure you have python installed?
To check this, open a cmd and run python.exe

Aha! Installed Python and it works  :booze:
So simple when you know how. I'm going to do a little getting started guide for sure!

GLBasic - en / Re: Steam HTML5 Compiler
« on: 2022-Sep-23 »
Yet Gernot in HTLM5 the mouse test:

SUB MainLoop1:
    PRINT "X:" + MOUSEAXIS (0), 0, 0
    PRINT "Y:" + MOUSEAXIS (1), 0, 20
    PRINT "Z:" + MOUSEAXIS (2), 0, 40
    PRINT "A:" + MOUSEAXIS (3), 0, 60
    PRINT "B:" + MOUSEAXIS (4), 0, 80
    PRINT "C:" + MOUSEAXIS (5), 0.100

only the left mouse button works.
Any idea?

When testing today I noticed if I put a mousewait into my MainLoop1 the HTML5 compiled but failed to run. But I could call out to a procedure to do it and it works.

GLBasic - en / Re: Steam HTML5 Compiler
« on: 2022-Sep-23 »
Thank you so much for the help. Still no luck with running the bat file to run the local webserver, but my good news is that I can now compile, copy the content of the folder to XAMPP and it works! It now produces an html file which I can call from the web browser via localhost.

Main change I made was simply to add a file to a media folder. It's also imperative to use a SETLOOPSUB as you mentioned (Gernot sets that out in the pre-reqs to be fair although I did need reminding). When I get a few more minutes I'll put together an idiots guide to getting started with the HTML Compiler (mainly for me so I don't forget  =D, but for anyone in the future that might need it).

GLBasic - en / Re: Steam HTML5 Compiler
« on: 2022-Sep-23 »
Thanks for the advice. I've downloaded XAMPP and installed. Seems to be running ok as I can create a simple html file in the htdocs folder and open it fine.

I've tried recompiling to HTML5 webGL once again with a brand new simple three line program to display hello world. The good news I think is I'm no longer getting the OUTLINING_LIMIT error, but still getting an odd error at the end of the compiling:

em++: error: 'Q:\Compiler\platform\HTML5\emsdk\upstream\emscripten\tools\file_packager.bat C:\Users\tonyk\AppData\Local\Temp\glbasic\ --from-emcc --export-name=Module --preload Media' failed (1)
distribute HTML5 to: C:/GLB/GLBasic/HelloAgain/distribute/HTML5
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 11.1 sec. Time: 23:10
Build: 5 succeeded.

The wasm file is 235kb and along with run_local_test.bat are the only files generated. If I drop the wasm file into the XAMPP htdocs folder and try opening https://localhost/HelloAgain.wasm from a web browser it prompts to download the wasm file. It then does something odd where it automatically keeps opening multiple browser tabs until I force close the browser.  It's a bit odd and slightly inconsistent which isn't helping. Hoping Gernot might see this when he's feeling better and can help  =D

Thanks for sharing how you created a menu for your games pack. One of the thngs I like is how they all feel a part of the same pack, well thought out. I have a few mini games that I'd like to do this with, I will have to think about all my procedures and variables and how easy this would be to do retrospectively.

Great looking maze by the way, keep us updated on your progress!

To be honest, last couple months I only fixed some small bug in game, and apart that I didn't have time to do proper coding ,specially in GLB :/ , just recently I played with maze generating algorithms in JavaScript. Now I will port it to GLB and make some 'game' from it, still I need to write some crazy code to generate 3d cube maze from prepared 2d arrays :> Not sure what later, I would like to finish that Solomon's Key clone, or at least push it to point that only sound and pr/steam/translation in missing, as I could do proper alpha testing in such case.
I'm waiting impatiently to see Yours projects :P and really any GLB project ;)

@dreamerman I bought your game pack on Steam and am very impressed. I like the way I can launch all the games from a single menu without having to completely exit the game pack each time. Curious how you did this... am I right thinking all the games are inside one executable?

GLBasic - en / Re: Steam HTML5 Compiler
« on: 2022-Sep-19 »
Anyone at all seen this error...?

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