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Hi, I fooled around a little more with my engine during this year.

* Added some lawn back into the engine.
* Rewrote the engine to support n layers instead of only 2 ( plan is to use this for caves in the future )
* Improved collision with diagonals, now friction is correctly applied here.
* Enemies which should not go over cliffs now detect this always correctly, before those enemies could get stuck on cliff edges and block edges.
* Improved collision with spheres, now friction is correctly applied here.
* Coins collected are now remembered for each map in the save files, saving takes a little longer now.
* Improved transparency check when camera moves ahead of the player while running.
* Reduced inertia for player when turning.
* Increased acceleration for player when running.
* added new available view ranges ( huge and very huge ), so you can see more of the map. Thanks for removing the object limit in the latest steam release Gernot.

Currently in Progress:

* Player editor for configuring player basic behaviour, selecting models etc.
* Support for multiple Campaigns.

Also I am in the process of rebranding this game ( new player model), new storyline, maybe new features, If anyone has some ideas I would gladly look into those, maybe someone
on this forum wants to collaborate on this? ( Just looking for ideas, not something like "plz make all models and sprites for my game"  ;) )

GLBasic - en / Re: Save a TYPE array object
« on: 2022-May-05 »
Write a save function in your type,
This function writes all the variables of the type
Then call this function n times for the size of the array you want to save.
If n is variable than store n before saving the n lines of data.
This way you know the array size for the loading algorithm, or you could save a special
ending block after the array has been saved to determine the array ending.

When saving subtypes just call the save function from this subtype inside the save
function of the parent type.
Of course a load function wouöd be needed as well

Glad to hear  :good:

Blender is really cool for GLBasic, as you can Import almost anything and export it nicely to obj,
you can also export the frames of your models animation to seperate obj files with ease ( perfect for the .ddd conversion tool ),
should you want to add animated Objects to your games ( Be sure to use smoothanimation when animating, or else there is no interpolation between frames ).

Feel free to ask here anytime should you run into trouble.

I like the idea of possible ascii art connections between Nodes for better readability. :good:


I recently had some time to work on this again:
  • maximum drawing distance increased
  • Several improvements to editor layout
  • Improved the camera system, the camera now shows more of what is ahead of the player
Also New actions for events ( like manipulating a block )
And of course bugfixing.

The editor has been improved, but there is still so much left to improve
in terms of layout and useability.
Aside from that all this game needs is content.
The improvements on the editor should allow me to
Produce new maps faster.

If someone wants to try the current state send me a pm
and i will send you a download link for the win version.
A gamecontroller or a good keyboard is recommended for testing.

I would love to be able to raise that macimum obkect number for my game.
Where is that source code?  :enc:

I need many objects, because i want to be able to ghost individual parts of my map, whichbis made of polygons.
I even have mechanisms in place, that parse the entire map and looks which polygons are the same ( vertex and texture coordinate wise) so i dont need to store duplicates in memory.
But in the worst case, no polygon on the map is the same.

Would love to crank the tile count up to 60x60 tiles but it is not possible at a limit of 4200 objects.

GLBasic - en / Differences glbasic v15 to v14?
« on: 2020-May-06 »

I just bought the new glbasic in steam yesterday.
I noticed, That my game runs a bit slower than before,
Also debug mode is choppy.

But a recursive function that crashed the game only when debugging
Works now in debug mode.

Any new funtionality in v15?

I only noticed That you can build 64Bit executables and That the IDE
Looks a Bit weird at 4K resolution.

Apple dropped OpenGL Support?
That is insane 😩

I think I will buy the Steam version next month and just use bootcamp.

I preordered the pyra only a month ago,
just preordering it for collector purposes.

I hope that i can be more active in the coming month.
Thanks for the explanations and the gratulations

Thanks Gernot.

The Pyra does not exist yet,
I just preordered one and was curious about it.
I could compile the c++ library for different platforms indeed.
(Though it has been almost a year since I last did a commercial project in C++)
If the IDE does not run on Mac, I could just develop under windows using bootcamp.

Thanks for the fast reply

my wife and I got a beautiful daughter and things finally start to calm down here.

I would love to continue with this project, but I have a few questions.

-Currently I am on Mac, how well is compiling for Mac working in the new Version?
-Is it still possible to compile for Pandora?
-Will there be support for the Pyra?
-Any improvements made on the compile for Android frontline?
-Is the new version steam only, or is there a standalone version too?

Kind regards.

Thanks,  :)
I hope so too .

Sorry for the late reply, I just installed GLBasic  v15,
compiled my code without problems.

I finished my bachelors thesis this year and now I have a job as a software engineer,

also I could become a father in about 7 months, if all goes well.

Of course you can take screenshots to promote glbasic, kitty hello.

Just posting here so you know that I am back on this project, really missed working on this and
doing some conversation with you guys.

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic pointer question
« on: 2017-Jul-26 »
I tried to create a class in inline, which compiles without errors,

I can create an object of it in INLINE,
and also create a DGArray of the class type.

But when I try to use DIMPUSH() on the DGArray in INLINE, I get countless errors suddenly.

Here is the Global INLINE Code:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
class SEdgeC{
DGInt x;
DGInt y;
SEdgeC* nextEdge;
SEdgeC( DGInt xN , DGInt yN );
SEdgeC* getNextEdge();
void addNewEdge(DGInt x , DGInt y );
void deleteAll();
SEdgeC::SEdgeC( DGInt xN , DGInt yN ){
x = xN;
y = yN;
nextEdge = NULL;
SEdgeC* SEdgeC::getNextEdge(){
return nextEdge;
void SEdgeC::deleteAll(){
if( nextEdge != NULL ){
delete this;
void SEdgeC::addNewEdge( DGInt xN , DGInt yN ){
if( nextEdge != NULL ){
nextEdge->addNewEdge( xN , yN ); // add nextEdge to my nextEdge, if I allready have one
} else nextEdge = new SEdgeC( xN , yN ); // if not then finally create the new edge
DGArray<SEdgeC> Sectors;

and the local INLINE code I used in my main function:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
SEdgeC start( 0 , 0 );
start.addNewEdge( 0 , 0 );

this is all working, but when I call
Code: (glbasic) [Select]

I get tons of weird errors, telling me that every statement in the INLINE class is faulty.

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic pointer question
« on: 2017-Jul-24 »
thanks Schranz0r,

pretty good news for me  :good:

A small example would be greatly appreciated

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