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Another newbie question: what is your advice for a common/usual GLBasic process to program for different Android screen sizes?

Do you, for example, program for the largest screen size, and then use a command in GLBasic to scale it down?  Is there such a command?

Or do you simply have to do everything manually yourself, based on the GETSCREENSIZE command?  I've seen erico's useful thread on "mobile screen size database" available and that will be really helpful if one has to do everything manually. :(

I have another newbie question, and the answer is probably obvious to the experienced GLBasic coders here! :)

I'm now learning to program in GLBasic for Windows, but do not know how to make GLBasic compile to an APK file so that I can test to see if the program works on my Android mobile/cellphone.  Do I, for example, have to install the Android SDK?  Is there a link anywhere that I can go to to read up on the Android development process for GLBasic?

Hi guys, I have more basic questions and need your help!

I come from a Blitz3D background, where 3D commands seem much easier to use.  I need help on how to deal with multiple 3D objects/entities in GLBasic.  How does GLBasic know which object I want to, say, rotate?  The X_ROTATION command doesn't seem to have a parameter to select the object.  The helpfile states that the command "Rotates the next 3D object..." How does it know what the "next" object is?  Is there a command to select an object to be the "next" object?

Another question (which may be related to the above question) - do I have to X_SETTEXTURE every time I go through a game loop?

Hi guys,

I've just downloaded the trial version of GLBasic and am trying to understand it, but with difficulty!  You must think this is dumb, but I have a few stupid questions that I hope someone can help me with:

1) When I'm using the GLBasic editor, I can't seem to use my "down arrow" key whereas all the other keys ("up arrow", "left arrow" and "right arrow" keys) are working - is there a bug? The "down arrow" key seems to be working perfectly in this forum and when using MSWord.

2) I tried using the inbuilt Font Creator but am not sure where to place the file created (default as "smallfont.png").  Should it be in the same folder as the xxx.gbap and xxx.gbas files, or in the folder?  When placed in the folder, it seems to work, but in the reverse, i.e., the PRINT statement before the LOADFONT statement actually prints correctly using the new font, but the PRINT statement after the LOADFONT statement uses the default font instead.

What am I doing wrong here?  Thanks!
Hello folks,

I'm new here, and have some basic questions that I hope you folks can answer.

I would like to start programming for Android and iPhone. I have narrowed my options down to either GLBasic or Corona SDK.  Have read about Corona SDK which looks promising but I'm not familiar with the Lua programming language, and it does not support 3D. GLBasic appears more familiar, but I'm just not sure how easy is it to program for these mobile platforms. (I also assume a basic Box2D is easily implementable in GLBasic.)

Any advice is appreciated on the merits/demerits of using GLBasic versus Corona in developing mobile games.  Thanks!  :)