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Feedback / Re: Publishing Problem for Android
« on: 2014-Jan-29 »
Please KittyHello, can you explain how to publish my games on .APK format?

Thank you!!!

Feedback / Re: Publishing Problem for Android
« on: 2014-Jan-29 »
ohhh :(

I see now...

Thanks anyway...i hope KittyHello explains how to distribute my games for android :(

Feedback / Re: Publishing Problem for Android
« on: 2014-Jan-29 »
....eerrr....where are that options?? ...i just have GAME OPTIONS button on GACK ....  :blink: :blink:

Feedback / Re: Publishing Problem for Android
« on: 2014-Jan-29 »
You need to make sure that you are compiling for Android. Select the Android platform configuration in "PROJECT/OPTIONS" and then compile for Android (Compiler/Build Multi-Platform/Android)- it will create 3 .APKs in the Distribute folder as long as you have JAVA installed correctly.

You can then send the .APK to anyone or host on your own site.

Thnak you very much!!!! :booze: :booze: :booze:

Feedback / Publishing Problem for Android
« on: 2014-Jan-29 »
When i finish my game, i do Wifi sync on smartphone and then Build Standalone, but it generates an HTML5 directory with an and a html file useful for hanging game on a website, but in my case i want to have my game as executable on android smartphones for my friends, on the main directory i see five 0 byte .xcl files called:


I suppose they are kinda executable files for running game on every operating system?? What i have to do to make my games executable on Android??

Please help!!!


Now i just have bought Android version, i finally know what is the Wifi Sync feature, it syncs Android app with PC Desktop App, and enables it to correclty trasfer your work to the smartphone and publish the finished game as android APP, now it works!! So guys u have to buy and download GACK version of your smartphone to enable desktop version.

I hope Kitty updates GACK for windows and we'll be able to make nice games as we did with 2008 old SEUCK version. Im considering to buy Android version now i have a nice smartphone with pencil so i can draw sprites...but i have to be sure that GACK for Android works 100% and makes standalone games that i can share with my friends.  I Hope Kitty can answer all that doubts i have....

Feedback / Re: Updates to come...
« on: 2013-Apr-06 »
Kitty when will you release new GACK version for Windows? Any date?

I was using old S.E.U.C.K. version (the one was able to import sounds) in windows, but recently i tried to install the linux version of G.A.C.K. in my ubuntu netbook, and the program tries  to Sync with some Wifi device...and then closes to desktop. Please can you help me with this matter? Because i would like to have GACK installed at my ubuntu netbook.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I tried Windows port of GACK and same messages:

First Time Sync!
Please Select Wifi-Sync on your device's App.
Enable Wifi on device.

And then another message:

Failed to connect to device.

Sorry mate but i think this last version you hanged online to download does not work in any case, the old SEUCK version runs as zoot said, but generates a fake executable useless. 
While you fix it, i think is better i continue using the old 2009 version that worked fine and with the advantage that you can import files :)

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