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Feature request => 2D => Topic started by: spacefractal on 2013-Mar-17

Post by: spacefractal on 2013-Mar-17
Im are aware you can calucate top/left hotspot etc, but when you trying to scaling a sprite with the calucated new hotspot, then you have no control over extract pixel you want to draw. That shown in attachments with two images overlap is no good when using a scaled ZOOMSPRITE image.

Howover a nice alternative trought is simply just draw the scaled image by using POLYVECTOR instead, which gave more control over the image and no overlap happens:

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
POLYVECTOR -camm+imagew, bottom+camy, 0, 256
POLYVECTOR -camm, bottom+camy, 1024, 256
POLYVECTOR -camm+imagew, bottom-384*SCALING2+camy, 0, 0
POLYVECTOR -camm, bottom-256*SCALING+camy, 1024, 0

So this is just more a idea than a request, nothing else.